Action Groups

GACSA is a broad, open and inclusive, platform focused on action, knowledge and practice sharing and learning, that inspires its members, promotes far-ranging dialogue that encourages concerted advocacy, and where all relevant voices can be heard. The alliance is a voluntary association whose members hold a joint interest in both food security and nutrition and climate change, support the adoption and implementation of climate-smart agriculture, and provide regular updates on progress toward their individual and collective aspirations. 

GACSA's  objective to share and disseminate information and provide access to expertise.It functions as a clearing house mechanism on knowledge and inspire the development and dissemination of innovative, evidence-based options for climate-smart agriculture. The alliance also catalyzes and helps create transformational partnerships and create the mechanisms for the voluntary sharing of information and experience. The Alliance brings stakeholders together to discuss and promote climate smart agriculture and food systems in an integrated manner aligned with local, national and regional priorities. 

Within the Alliance there are three initial action groups on:

  • Knowledge: Increasing and promoting knowledge, research, and development into technologies, practices, and policy approaches for CSA.
  • Investment: Improving the effectiveness of public and private investments that support the three pillars of climate-smart agriculture.
  • Enabling environments: Integrating climate-smart agriculture into policy, strategies and planning at regional, national, and local levels and across landscapes.

The objectives of the action groups is to provide the services and address knowledge gaps required by members and other entities to undertake their CSA up-scaling actions and interventions.

Click here to review the Terms of Reference of the 3 Action Groups. 

Action Groups Focal Points

Knowledge Action Group - led by Cornell University and Solutions from the Land (SfL)

Investment Action Group - led by GACSA Facilitation Unit 

Enabling Environment Action Group - led by Univeristy Santiago of Compostela

If you wish to contact the focal points, please email GACSA Facilitation Unit : [email protected]