March 2017 update on mountain protected areas


The 93rd edition of the Mountain Protected Areas Update, the quarterly newsletter of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Mountains Specialist Group and Network, is now online. Edited by Gillian Anderson, the newsletter summarizes news and events from members of the Mountain Protected Areas Network, as well as submissions by various mountain enthusiasts and experts. The recurring theme throughout this edition is the importance of sustainable mountain development and the necessity to work closely with indigenous and local communities on co-management of protected areas to ensure the best chance of successful outcomes.

As the previous Update was dedicated to mountain expert and environmental leader Larry Hamilton, who passed away in October 2016, this issue covers news from the past six months. Beginning with a report of the Mountain Knowledge Café held during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September 2016, the Update continues with stories about preserving and protecting precious mountain regions around the world. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Kabobo Natural Reserve was established in December 2016, conserving 1 477 sq km of montane rainforest and savanna woodland. In New Zealand, the boundaries of Tongariro National Park are being defined and marked with traditional Maori symbols to communicate to visitors the sacredness of the area. In Europe, the Prespa Transboundary Park was ratified after the Prime Ministers of Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece signed a joint declaration to protect the area in 2000.

These stories and more are available in the 93rd Mountain Protected Areas Update. Through this quarterly newsletter as well as their website and other publications, the IUCN WCPA Mountains Specialist Group communicates the latest news about what is happening in mountain protected areas globally to inspire the highest standards of mountain protected area management.

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