National school contest for International Year of Pulses

22 Jan 2016 - 05 May 2016

With the occasion of celebration of 70th anniversary of UNESCO and International Year of Pulses 2016, Club Serres for UNESCO is organising year-long where students and teachers are invited to implement educational activities dedicated to the IYP. The project will last throughout the school year and includes development of educational program by Club Serres for UNESCO, dissemination of information and awareness raising activities for students, and last but not least the creation of blogs dedicated to the IYP and the educational activities undertaken by each classroom. In each blog, students are expected to showcase their understanding of IYP and the significance of pulses through writing, paint, music, comic or whatever other form of expression the choose. The first winning classroom will win a photo camera, while the second an external storage device. The deadline for submissions is 5/5/2016 and the awards will be announced in 20/5/2016.