International conference - Pulses: Focusing on maximum efficiency

17 Nov 2016 - 17 Nov 2016

The conference will be an effective discussion platform, which will bring together the Government, Farmers and Trade Company, the elite of the Agrarian Science as well as representatives of international organization, the leading domestic and foreign crop framing institutions, experts from Canada, Israel, India and Pakistan, for one common purpose – Ukraine is a Pulses Country.

The conference will highlight the following main topics:

  • global demand and potential of Ukraine on the market of pulses
  • strategy on the market of pulses. From small farmers to large farms
  • drivers of pulse production. Production efficiency
  • the role of pulses in the mixed crop science diversification
  • the particularity of agricultural technologies of pulse cultivation
  • sales trends of pulses. Market requirements and structural features
  • pulses – customer based logistics
  • principles of the legal institution of cultivation and sales of certain types of pulses
  • useful properties of pulses as a basis for the formation of the nation's healthy lifestyle
Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Yaroslav Val street, 22, Kiev