Intergalactic Pea Festival

25 Jun 2016 - 25 Jun 2016

A complex event dedicated to the Russian Youth Day. A special exhibition, meeting with interesting people, interactive quizzes and the annual outdoor concert at the Library on Blagodatnaya street.

Why pea festival? Because the UN has declared 2016 as the year of legumes.

Little pea or bean often inspired writers, artists, and musicians. We all remember G.H. Andersen's "The Princess and the Pea" from our childhood, a painting "Bean King” by Flemish artist J. Jordaens, presented at the State Hermitage, the song of V. Butusov "Pea seeds", and of course almost every vintage fashionista has at least one polka-dot dress (in Russia it is called «peas-dress») in her wardrobe.

Partial provisional program - which may be subject to supplementation, enlargement and modification.


The illustrative and book-subject exhibitions:

"Bean tales"

"Peas scattered on seventy roads"

"Beans in the world cookery"

The exhibition of decorative and applied works of flower-design studio "Amaryllis"  under the direction of N.Naryshkina  (Group "Kosmos").

Exhibition of vector graphics of an artist V. Zenin.

Quiz-game "What do we know about the peas?"

Competition "Pea pea"

Lecture "The mystery of a pea."



"Pea cities" (an arts and craft master-class for children)

"Though peas are small, but rather tasty as a food" (cooking master-class)


Open air events:

"A peasant woman sowed peas": planting of a flower bed with decorative peas

Concert on the square in front of the library:

Group «Before» (under the direction of A.V. Rakhova)

Dance "Boogie Woogie" by "Hipsters-STORY» project

Group "NeckroSon" (musicians - winners of city and district awards A. Izotov and A. Matveev)


Location: Law Library, St Petersburg