International Year of Pulses: The book!

Pulses have been an integral part of diets for centuries. Today, these nutritious seeds still feature widely in traditional dishes across the globe—from Mediterranean hummus, to daal in India, to beans and rice in Latin America.

To celebrate pulses dishes around the world, FAO is releasing a brand new book: “Pulses. Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future”. Within the pages, you will find recipes and stories contributed by 10 celebrity chefs from Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Morocco, Tanzania, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China and the United States. Each chef highlights the ingredients and flavours of the pulses dishes unique to their respective regions.

The book provides helpful tips for cooking pulses, including recommended techniques and timeframes for soaking the dried legumes to speed up the cooking process. Find out tips on storing your pulses to ensure longer shelf life, and instructions on sprouting pulses to increase their nutritional value.

But this is much more than just a cookbook. You will also find key facts about pulses and learn everything about their role in a healthy diet, their contribution to climate change adaptation and the genetic diversity of these important crops.

“Pulses. Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future” will be available for download directly from the FAO Document Repository. Printed copies can also be purchased in selected stores or ordered online.