Idly is commonly consumed for breakfast in South India. Because it is steam cooked without any added fat, Idly can be a good option for a healthy breakfast
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This recipe is for vegetarians or for sushi lovers who want to reduce their fish consumption. It was born out of a desire to go beyond traditional sushi rolls.
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Fasolada is a national dish of Greece. This bean soup consists of white beans, celery, carrots, onions, olive oil, tomato sauce, salt and pepper. It can be served with Kalamata olives, village bread, traditional sausages as well as feta cheese.
Dry Beans Greece
Un plato clásico de la cocina uruguaya es el zapallito relleno de carne picada. En estecaso utilizamos como variante las lentejas, acompañadas del salteado de verduras quele da mucho sabor. Es un plato que se puede consumir en cualquier época del año, tanto porque se pueden encontrar sus ingredientes, como porque es...
Lentils Uruguay
Gallo Pinto is a traditional dish from Costa Rica. It can be eaten at any meal, especially breakfast. A similar dish is popular in Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador. Elsewhere this dish is also known as “ Casamiento” “Moros y Cristianos” (“Moors and Christians”) or just Moro
Dry Beans Costa Rica
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