Peru’s Central Reserve Bank (BCR) launches new coin featuring Quinoa

Lima, 26 July 2013- To mark the International Year of Quinoa 2013, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR) launched a limited series of one Nuevo Sol coins known as Recursos Naturales del Peru (Natural Resources of Peru). The new coins which will be used nationwide feature three of Peru’s main natural resources: anchovies, cacao and quinoa highlighting the importance of this Andean grain.

The coins were presented at a press conference organized by the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Milton von Hesse and the President of Peru’s Central Reserve Bank (BCR), Julio Velarde.

“I am convinced that the circulation of these three coins will have a great success and will promote a greater understanding and appreciation of products such as quinoa, cacao and anchovies,” said Julio Velaverde.  "This series of coins seeks to promote our country’s diversity through its products, " he explained.

The Minister of Agriculture, Milton von Hesse added that these coins are significant because they promote three of Peru’s main food products to the world and are also part of a government policy that promotes healthy eating. "Six ministries formed a committee late last year to develop a promotional strategy we call 'Andean diet.’ This strategy is now in implementation and seeks to place more importance on our natural resources enabling us to discover the nutritional value of our food", he stressed.

The coin featuring quinoa represents a fully matured quinoa plant and a container overflowing with quinoa seeds. The crop’s Spanish and scientific names Quinua and Chenopodium Quinoa are featured above the images.

Ten million coins will be produced for each of the new designs; the coins are legal tender and can be used for any transaction.