The Government of Peru launches an International Competition on Technological Innovation in the Quinoa sector

As part of the activities planned by the Multisectoral Commission of the International Year of Quinoa 2013 to celebrate the year and the commitment made by the Government of Peru to the International Coordinating Committee of the IYQ 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru (MINAGRI) is launching the first competition on technological innovation in the quinoa sector.

This activity is organized by the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation (INIA) and the Directorate General for Agricultural Competitiveness (DGCA), with the support of strategic partners such as the ESAN Graduate School of Business, the Exporters Association of Peru (ADEX) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The competition aims to encourage researchers and technology innovators in the quinoa sector to present innovative proposals that contribute to local, regional or global economic development. The proposals must be aimed primarily at solving problems or delays in the quinoa supply chain in the Andean community and secondly on tackling these issues on a global level.

The competition is open to experts and professionals from the public and private sectors involved in agronomic and food-related technological innovations, from both national and international spheres.

The competition rules and regulations are available here: International Competition for Technological Innovation in Quinoa

Calendar of competition dates:

Up to 28 February: accepting applications

Up to 24 March: evaluation of proposals

Up to 31 March: competition results published and winners informed

11 April: prize-giving ceremony

Inquiries may be directed to the following address:

International Competition Organizing Committee for Technological Innovation in Quinoa / STC- CGIAR / INIA

Avenida La Molina 1981 - La Molina. Lima, Peru



Phone: (511) 349-57