Exhibition ARTandSOILS / Ausstellung Boden!Bildung

27 Aug 2015 - 17 Oct 2015

International art exhibition to promote the FAO Int. Year of Soils. 50 artists from 5 nations present their works about soils, soil protection, bio diversity related to different types of soils, wild live under the surface, composting, mycorrhiza, fungi, creating fertile soil in the desert, fighting erosion and desertification, soil protection in the Nepal Himalaya region, soil and water protection by artist recycling of chemical sewage waters of textile industry in Vietnam and many other aspects about soil, vegetation and wildlife. The project is the this year contribution to the Int. Sustainable Arts Biennale, that runs since 2005 in the Hamburg Area.  Kunst, Gesundheit, Bildung e.V. (=Association for Arts, Health and Education) is a small but busy German NGO with exhibitions worldwide about sustainable arts, eco-art and biodiversity. The exhibition is under the patronage of Stefan Wenzel, Minister for the Environment of Lower Saxony.

Location: RE-ART Hall near Hamburg