Educate to preserve the soil and conserve life on earth

The XX Latin American Congress and XVI Peruvian Congress of Soil Science will be held in Cusco, Peru, from 9 to 15 November 2014.

On 5 December 2014, World Soil Day, the 2015 International Year of Soils will officially be launched. Advocacy, awareness raising and education are at the centre of this International Year.  In this respect, key events and initiatives are already taking place worldwide. 

The XX Latin American Congress entitled 'Educate to preserve the soil and conserve life on earth' provides the ideal platform for a scientific and cultural exchange between researchers, professionals, teachers, students and other parties interested in the knowledge and conservation of soil and water in Latin America. Through a wealth of local and international speakers and guests, the Congress aims to highlight future challenges for the preservation and conservation of soils in the region and worldwide. It is hoped that the Congress will trigger further research as well as provide a setting for the whole community to share experiences on why soils matter and what can be done to safeguard them.

The parallel event,  XVI Peruvian Congress of Soil Science, will give local researchers  the opportunity to exchange and coordinate activities related directly to Peru as member of the community of soil science in the region. 

The Global Soil Partnership will have a number of sessions related to the activities in Latin America, including the launch of the Soil Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean, the presentation of SISLAC (Latin America Soil Information System) and the meeting of the South American Soil Partnership.

For further infomation on the XX Latin American Congress  and registration please visit the event website

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