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Fototalentos SECS AIS está dirigido a la comunidad universitaria, científicos del suelo y aquellas personas interesadas en la temática. El ganador obtendrá un premio de 3.000€ brutos y se darán dos accésit de 1.500€ brutos cada uno
A summer celebration of 2015 UN International Year of Soils. During July and August, we invite people to explore the life-giving matter of soil to inspire a deeper understanding of its nature and its role in the future of food, our communities and the ecosystem of the Earth.
We go to Australia and California to hear from Dr. Maarten Stapper and Marin Carbon Project Founder John Wick, who share the latest findings from their research and field work with carbon farming and sustainable agriculture. 
Country: Sweden
Type: other
Organization: The Green Exchange
This year the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival calls to send in films about soils. For the first time there is a separate category for films concerning soils which also has its own film award. Each film is an important contribution to raise the awareness for soil.
Region: Europe
Country: Austria
Type: other
The Sci Coll program operates to raise awareness about the use and accessibility of scientific collections around the world. In the coming months they will be writing a series of articles about the International Year of Soils.