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Committee on Forestry
(16th Session)

Rome, 10 - 14 March 2003
List of documents Download ID
COFO/2003/1 Provisional Agenda Y7930E
COFO/2003/2 The role of Regional Forestry Commissions in implementing the IPF/IFF proposals for action and recommendations of the Regional Forestry Commissions Y8223E
COFO/2003/3 Forests and freshwater - issues and options Y8212E
COFO/2003/4 National forest programmes as a mechanism to implement the key outcomes of the WFS:fyl and WSSD Y8211E
COFO/2003/5 Decisions of FAO Governing Bodies of interest to the Committee Y8213E
COFO/2003/6 The future of forests: implications of the Forestry Outlook Study for Africa Y8246E
COFO/2003/7 Review of FAO programmes in the forestry sector, including follow-up to the requests and recommendations of the Fifteenth Session of the Committee as well as the Programme Implementation Report (2000-021

(a) Developments in Forest Resources Assessment

(b) Harmonizing forest-related definitions: key to successful monitoring and reporting on forests
COFO/2003/8 Planned activities over the period 2004-2005 and preliminary information on PWB proposals for major programme 2.4 Forestry Y8214E
COFO/2003/8-Add.1 Medium Term Plan 2004-09 Y8220E
COFO/2003/INF - Series
COFO/2003/INF/1 Provisional Timetable Y8217E
COFO/2003/INF/2 Provisional List of Documents Y8219E
COFO/2003/INF/3 Provisional List of Participants    
COFO/2003/INF/4 Statement of competence and voting rights submitted by the European Community (EC) and its member countries Y8598E
COFO/2003/INF/5 Report of the Third Meeting of the High Level Panel of External Experts on Forestry to the Director-General of FAO Y8702E
Report of the 16th Session of the Committee on Forestry
(Rome, 10-14 March 2003)


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