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Committee on Commodity Problems

Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products

Twenty-first Session
Rome, 13-16 November 2006

Provisional List of DocumentsDownload ID
CCP: ME 06/1 Provisional Agenda, Agenda Notes and Timetable J8192E
CCP: ME 06/2 Impacts of Animal Disease Outbreaks on Livestock Markets J8387E
CCP: ME 06/3 Import Surges of Dairy and Poultry Products: Lessons Learned J8312E
CCP: ME 06/4 Follow-up to the Guidelines for International Cooperation in the Livestock and Meat Sector J8313E
CCP: ME 06/5 The Development Strategy for Meat and Dairy Products: A Discussion and Proposed Revisions J8311E
CCP: ME 06/6 Developments Regarding the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) J8314E
CCP: ME 06/7 Report of the Ninth Session of the Sub-Group on Hides and Skins J8538E
CCP: ME 06/8 Report of the Twenty-First Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products
CCP:ME 06 CRS: Current Room Session documents
CCP: ME 06/CRS 1 Meat and Dairy Markets: Outlook and Commodity Issues CRS 1
CCP: ME 06/CRS 2 The WTO Agreement: Developments and Implications for Livestock, Meat and Dairy Markets CRS 2
CCP: ME 06/CRS 3 Review of Symposia Recommendations: Proposed FAO and IGG Action Plan CRS 3
CCP: ME 06/CRS 4 Tables and Charts Referenced CRS 4
CCP: ME 06/CRS 5 CFC/IGG Consultative Forum on Meat and Dairy Development Priorities: Programming the CFC/IGG Cooperation 2008/2012 CRS 5
CCP: ME 06/INF - Series   
CCP: ME 06/INF 1 Proposed Timetable and List of Documents J8536E
CCP: ME 06/INF 2 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by the European Community (EC) and its Member States J8638E
CCP: ME 06/INF 3 List of Delgates and Observers J9167
CCP: ME 06/INF 3 A Development Strategy for Meat J8537E

Previous Sessions: CCC:ME/04; CCC:ME/02; CCP:GR-RI-ME-OF/01; CCC:ME/98

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