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Committee on World Food Security
(29th Session)

Rome, 12 - 16 May 2003
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CFS:2003/1 Provisional Agenda and Agenda Notes Y8640E
CFS:2003/2 FAO Distinguished Lecture on Food Security    
CFS:2003/3 Assessment of the World Food Security Situation Y8827E
CFS:2003/4 Report on the First Session of the IGWG for the Elaboration of a Set of Voluntary Guidelines to Support the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security Y9025E
CFS:2003/5 Recent FAO Initiatives in the Fight Against Hunger Y8937E
CFS:2003/5-Sup.1 Anti Hunger Programme
CFS:2003/5-Sup.2 International Alliance Against Hunger (IAAH) Y8954E
CFS:2003/6 Standing Item on Nutrition: "The Role of Aquaculture in improving food security and nutrition at the community level - a review of sustainable cases" Y8871E
CFS:2003/7 Thematic Issue: "The impact of disasters on long-term food security and poverty alleviation - policy implications" Y8936E
CFS:2003/8 Proposals for the Thematic Issue to be Considered at the Thirtieth Session of the Committee on World Food Security Y9038E
CFS:2003/INF - Series
CFS:2003/INF/1 Proposed Timetable Y9007E
CFS:2003/INF/2 List of Documents Y8906E
CFS:2003/INF/2-Corr.1 Corrigendum to CFS:2003/INF/2 Y8906E
CFS:2003/INF/3 List of Members of CFS Y9227E
CFS:2003/INF/4 Provisional List of Delegates    
CFS:2003/INF/5 European Economic Community – Declaration of Competence Y9285E
CFS:2003/INF/6-Rev.1 An Update on Hunger Hot Spots Y9228E
CFS:2003/INF/7 Report on the Development of FIVIMS Y8754E
CFS:2003/INF/8 Food Security and HIV/AIDS: An Update Y9066E
CFS:2003/INF/9 FAO’s Strategy for a Food Chain Approach to Food Safety and Quality:  A Framework Document for the Development of Future Strategic Direction Y9051E
CFS:2003/INF/10 Information Note on the Cost of the World Food Summit: five years later Y9139E
Information Note on the Status of FIVIMS at Country Level Y8892E
CFS:2003/INF/12 Impact of Climate Change on Food Security and Implications for Sustainable Food Production Y9151E
CFS:2003/INF/13 Statement of the Director-General Y9320E

Report of the 29th Session of the Committee on World Food Security
(Rome, 12-16 May 2003)



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