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Committee on Forestry
17th Session

Rome, 15 - 19 March 2005
List of documents Download ID
COFO/2005/1 Provisional Agenda J3821E
COFO/2005/2 Issues identified by the Regional Forestry Commissions and the Technical Forestry Bodies for the attention of the Committee on Forestry J3916E
COFO/2005/3 Needs and opportunities for international cooperation in forest fire preparedness J3938E
COFO/2005/4 The role of forests in contributing to the Millennium Development Goals J3884E
COFO/2005/5 Decisions of FAO Governing Bodies of interest to the Committee on Forestry J3950E
COFO/2005/6 Review of FAO Programmes in the forestry sector, including follow-up to the requests and recommendations of the Sixteenth Session of the Committee on Forestry and of the Programme Implementation Report (2002-03) J3917E
COFO/2005/7 Objectives for FAO in key cross-cutting areas J3937E
COFO/2005/8 Medium-Term Plan 2006-11 and Preliminary Programme of Work Proposals for 2006-07: Major Programme 2.4 Forestry J4023E
Forest sector contribution to post-tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation J4680E
COFO/2005/INF - Series
Provisional Annotated Timetable J4150E
COFO/2005/INF/2 List of Documents   J3639E
COFO/2005/INF/3 List of Participants    
COFO/2005/INF/4 Statement of competence and voting rights submitted by the European Community (EC) and its member countries   J4728E
COFO/2005/INF/5 Procedures for selecting host countries for the World Forestry Congress J3796E
COFO/2005/INF/6 Outcome of the XII World Forestry Congress 2003 J3618E
COFO/2005/INF/7 Report of the High-level Panel of External Experts on Forestry to the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations J4269E
COFO/2005/INF/8 History of the Committee on Forestry   J4566E
COFO/2005/INF/9 Forests and bioenergy J4028E
COFO/2005/INF/10 San Jose Declaration on Pan-American Cooperation on Wildland Fire Management
23 October 2004
Report of the 17th Session of the Committee on Forestry
(Rome, 15-19 March 2005)


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