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The Conference is the supreme governing body of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Comprising all 175 FAO Members (presently 174 States and one Member Organization, the European Community), it will convene at FAO Headquarters in Rome for its 29th regular biennial Session from Friday 7 to Tuesday 18 November 1997.

The provisional agenda (document C 97/1) includes technical, programme, administrative and constitutional items. These include the Programme of Work and Budget 1998-99, the World Food Summit and its Follow-up (document C 97/7) and Applications for Membership (document C 97/10).

In the Conference schedule five days are provided for Heads of Delegation (the majority being government ministers responsible for agriculture) to review the current state of food and agriculture in the world (document C 97/2).

For interested readers a number of selected Conference documents are available on this website. They are:

List of documents Download ID
English Francais Español
C 97/1 Provisional Agenda W6035
C 97/2 Review of the State of Food and Agriculture 1997 W5906
C 97/6 Negotiation of a Legally-Binding Instrument on Prior Informed Consent (PIC) W5918
C 97/7 The World Food Summit and its Follow-up W6255
C 97/8 Standards for Plant Quarantine Harmonization     W5811
C 97/10 Applications for Membership in the Organization     W5868
C 97/12 Arrangements for the 29th Session of the Conference W6036
C 97/13 Admission to the Session of Representatives and Observers of Int. Org.     W6183
C 97/15 Appointment of Independent Chairman of the Council   W5817
C 97/16 Revision of WFP General Regulations     W5978
C 97/17 Revision of International Plant Protection Convention W5913
C 97/18 Desert Locust Control Situation: Measures taken and Further Action Required W5909
C 97/19 The Programme Against African Trypanosomiasis (PAAT) W6285


C 1997/REP  Report of the Conference of FAO
 Twenty-ninth Session
 Rome, 7-18  November 1997

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