Hundred and Fifteenth Session

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For interested readers some of selected Documents for the 115th Session of the Council are available on this website. They are:

List of documents Download ID
CL 115/1-Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda X0061
CL 115/2 State of Food and Agriculture 1998 W9751
CL 115/2-Sup.1 Supplement to CL 115/2 X0364
CL 115/3 No document    
CL 115/4 Report of the Joint Meetings of the Programme Committee and the Finance Committee (May 1998) W8702
CL 115/5 Report of the 68th Session of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters (CCLM) (Rome, September 1998) W9983
CL 115/6 Date for Nominations to the Office of Director-General W9167
CL 115/7 Report of the 79th Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, May 1998) W8714
CL 115/8 Report of the 80th Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, September 1998) W9953
CL 115/9 Report of the 89th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, May 1998)    
CL 115/10 Report of the 90th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, September1998) X0012
CL 115/11 Report of the 24th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (Rome, June 1998) W8959
CL 115/12 A Strategic Framework for FAO 2000-2015 (version 1.0)   W9414
CL 115/13 Negotiations on the International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources W9220
CL 115/14 Second Annual Report of the WFP Executive Board    
CL 115/15 Election of Six Members to the WFP Executive Board W9198
CL 115/16

CL 115/16-Corr.1

Procedure for selecting Host Countries for the World Forestry Congresses

Corrigendum to CL 115/16

CL 115/17 Appointment of an Alternate Chairman of the Appeals Committee X0333
CL 115/18 No document    
CL 115/19 Report of the Joint Meetings of the Programme Committee and the Finance Committee (September 1998)
    Appendix to CL 115/19-JM98/INF/4

C 99 Series
C 99/5 FAO Audited Accounts 1996-97    
C 99/8 Programme Implementation Report 1996-97 W9134
C 99/8-Corr.1 Corrigendum to C 99/8    
CL 115/INF/Series
CL 115/INF/1 Provisional Timetable X0400
CL 115/INF/2 Provisional List of Delegates and Observers    
CL 115/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents W9251
CL 115/INF/4 Note on the Methods of Work of the Council    
CL 115/INF/5 The Causes of Conflict and the Promotion of Durable Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa    
CL 115/INF/6 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by European Community (EC) and its Member States    
CL 115/INF/7 Implementation of the Decisions taken at the 113th and 114th Sessions of the Council X0082
CL 115/INF/8 Annual Report of the UN Joint Inspection Unit (July 1996-June 1997)    
CL 115/INF/9 Officers of the Conference and Council W8764
CL 115/INF/10 Proclamation of an International Year of Mountains X0414
CL 115/INF/11 JIU Report on Execution of Humanitarian Assistance Programmes Through Implementing Partners (JIU/REP/ 97/3).    
CL 115/INF/12 JIU Report on Coordination at Headquarters and Field Level Between UN Agencies Involved in Peace Building (JIU/REP/97/4)    
CL 115/INF/13 JIU Report on Strengthening Field Representation of the UN System (JIU/REP/97/1)    
CL 115/INF/14 ACC Comments on JIU Report entitled Strengthening of the UN System Capacity for Conflict Prevention (JIU/REP/95/13)    
CL 115/INF/I5 Revised Calendar of FAO Governing Bodies and other Main Sessions 1998-99 X0079
CL 115/INF/16 JIU Report on Challenge of Outsourcing for the UN System (JIU/REP/97/5)    
CL 115/INF/17 JIU Report on Training Institutions in the UN System (JIU/REP/97/6)    
CL 115/INF/18 Regional Distribution of Council Seats W9553
CL 115/INF/19 Progress Report on the Preparation of the Special Ministerial Conference on Agriculture in Small Island Developing States

CL 115/INF/20 Summaries of the main Recommendations of the 1998 Regional Conferences

CL 115/INF/21 Composition of the High Level Panels of External Experts

CL 115/INF/22 Draft Strategic Framework (Supplementary Information)

CL 115/INF/23 Special Programme for Food Security (SPFS) Update of Progress Since December 1997

CL 115/INF/24 Fao's Response to Recent Natural Disasters



CL 115/REP

Report of the Council of the FAO
Hundred and Fifteenth Session
(Rome, 23 - 28 November 1998)


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