Ninety-fifth Session of the Finance Committee and Joint Meeting with the Programme Committee

Rome, 25 - 29 September 2000

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List of documents Download ID
FC 95/1 Provisional Agenda X7989E
FC 95/1-Sup.1 Supplement to FC 95/1 X8115E
FC 95/1-Add.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda X8171E
FC 95/2 Programme and Budgetary Transfers in the 1998-1999 Biennium and Annual Report on Budgetary Performance to Member Nations X7811E
FC 95/6 Review of Support Costs - Supplementary Information X7836E
FC 95/7 Financial Position of the Organization and Status of Current Assessments as at 30 June 2000
xls.gif (915 bytes)xls.gif (915 bytes)
FC 95/8 Trust Funds - Exemption of Project Servicing Costs xls.gif (915 bytes) X7902E
FC 95/9 Protection of the Organization’s Programme of Work against Exchange Rate Fluctuations X7999E
FC 95/10 Role of the Finance Committee in the Management of Arrears X7931E
FC 95/11 Arrangements for the Selection and Procedure for Appointment of the External Auditor X7950E
FC 95/12 Incentive Scheme to Encourage Prompt Payment of Contributions - Determination of Discount Rate xls.gif (915 bytes) X7903E
FC 95/13 Annual Reports of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly, and Summary of the Decisions taken X7913E
FC 95/14 Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances X7914E
FC 95/15 Statistics of Personnel Services pdf.gif (916 bytes) X7997E
FC 95/16 Proposal for Additional Staffing Information X8032E
FC 95/17 Changes in Staff Regulations - Reformatting for Intranet X7949E
FC 95/19 WFP Report on Budgetary Performance 1998-1999*    
FC 95/20 WFP Audited Biennial Accounts 1998-1999*    
FC 95/21 Supplementary Budget for 2000-2001*    
FC 95/INF - Series
FC 95/INF/1 Provisional Timetable X8053E
C 2001
C 2001/8 Programme Implementation Report (1998-1999)   X7374E
CL 119
CL 119/17 Medium-Term Plan 2002-2007   X7572E
CL 119/19 Use of Arrears X7938E
CL 119/INF/12 UN Joint Inspection Report **
- Work Programme
CL 119/INF/13 UN Joint Inspection Report
- Private Sector Involvement and Cooperation with the UN System*
CL 119/INF/14 UN Joint Inspection Report
- Policies and Practices in the Use of the Services of Private Management Consulting Firms in the Organization of the United Nations System (JIU/REP/99/7)*



JM 2000/2 FAO’s Presence at Country Level X7916E
JM 2000/3 FAO’s New Financial Systems and Procedures X7952E
JM 2000/4 Savings and Efficiencies in Governance
- Proposed Reform of the General Debate at Conference
JM 2000/INF/2 Provisional Agenda X7737E
JM 2000/INF/3 Decentralization of operational responsibilities to the country level X8149E
CL 119/17 Medium-Term Plan 2002-2007   X7572E
CL 119/19 Use of Arrears X7938E
* Not available in electronic version
** Will not be presented at this session

CL 119/13 Report of the 95th Session of the Finance Committee
(Rome, 25 - 29 September 2000)
CL 119/9 Report of the Joint Meeting of the 84th Session of the Programme Committee and the 95th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 27-28 September 2000)

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