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94th Session of the Programme Committee
and Joint Meeting with
the Finance Committee

Rome,  19 - 23 September 2005
Provisional List of documents Download ID
PC 94/1 Provisional Agenda J5806E
PC 94/3
FC 110/26
Independent Evaluation of FAO’s Decentralization – Further Management Response
Decentralization in FAO: The Way Forward
PC 94/4 Policy and Operational Framework for the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) – Final Recommendations for Strengthening the TCP J5825E
PC 94/5 Evaluation of the Cross-organizational Strategy on Communicating FAO’s Messages J5906E
PC 94/5-Sup.1 Evaluation of the Cross-organizational Strategy on Communicating FAO’s Messages – Management’s Response J5986E
PC 94/6 Implementation of Priority Areas for Interdisciplinary Action - Achievements and Issues J5821E
PC 94/7 a) Formats and Coverage of the Programme Implementation Report (PIR) J5975E
PC 94/7 b) Format and Coverage of the Programme Evaluation Report (PER)
and the Evaluation Note 1
 Evaluation Note 1 J5871E
PC 94/INF - Series
PC 94/INF/1 Provisional Timetable J6133E
PC 94/INF/2 Provisional List of Documents J5905E
PC 94/INF/2 Sup. 1 Provisional List of Documents - Supplement 1   J5905E
PC 94/INF/3 Follow-up Report on the Evaluation of Programme 2.2.2: Food and Agricultural Information - Activities Related to Agricultural Statistics in the Context of FAOSTAT J5855E
PC 94/INF/4 Progress Report on the Follow-up to Past Programme Committee Recommendations J5900E
PC 94/INF/5 FAO and the Challenge of the Millennium Development Goals – The Road Ahead J5909E
PC 94/INF/6 UN General Assembly paper A/59/85 on the Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review J5910E
CL 129 - Series
CL 129/INF/5 Joint Inspection Unit Report: Harmonization of the Conditions of Travel throughout the United Nations System (JIU/REP/2004/10) J5743E
CL 129/INF/9 Joint Inspection Unit Report: Procurement Practices within the UN System (JIU/REP/2004/9) J5870E
C 2005 - Series
C 2005/3 Programme of Work and Budget 2006-07 J5800E
C 2005/3 Corr. 1 Programme of Work and Budget 2006-07 - Corrigendum J5800E
C 2005/3 Sup.1 Supplement to The Director-General’s Programme of Work and Budget 2006-07 (Reform proposals)   J5800E


Rome, 21 September 2005
JM 05.2/1 Provisional Agenda of Joint Meeting of the Ninety-fourth Session of the Programme and Finance Committees J5807E
JM 05.2/3 Review of Programme Planning and Budgeting: Practices in an Experiences of Other International Organizations J5828E
JM 05.2/4 Savings and Efficiencies in Governance:
Assessment of Alternative Arrangements for the Meetings of the CCP and COAG
*Not available in electronic version

CL 129/3 Report of the 94th Session of the Programme Committee (Rome, 19 - 23 September 2005) word
CL 129/2 Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme Committee and the Finance Committee (Rome, September 2005)

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