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Regional Conference for Europe(ERC)

27th Session

Yerevan (Armenia), 13-14 May 2010
Documents will be posted as soon as available

List of DocumentsDownload ID
ERC/10/1 Rev.2 Provisional Annotated Agenda K7343E
ERC/10/2 Matters arising from the World Summit on Food Security and the 36th Session of the FAO Conference, notably implementation of the Immediate Plan of Action (IPA), including the Decentralized Offices Network K7665E
ERC/10/2 Add.1 Towards a New Vision for the Decentralized Offices Network K7665E
ERC/10/3 The role of FAO Regional Conferences in the Reformed Committee on World Food Security (CFS) K7564E
ERC/10/4 Report on FAO Activities in the Region 2008-2009 and the Implementation of the Recommendations of the 26th Regional Conference for Europe K7649E
ERC/10/5 Implementation of the Programme of Work and Budget 2010-11 and Areas of Priority Actions for the European Region for the Following Biennium 2012 2013 K7684E
ERC/10/6 Establishment of One Global Shared Services Centre K7664E
ERC/10/7 Policy Response to Challenges in Agricultural and Rural Developement in the the Europe and Central Asia Region: Sharing experience and enhacing Cooperation in the Region K7854E
ERC 10/INF - Series   
ERC/10/INF/1 Information Note K7461E
ERC/10/INF/2 Rev.1 Provisional Timetable K7345E
ERC/10/INF/3 Rev.1 Provisional List of Documents K7349E
ERC/10/INF/4 Statement of the Director General K8138E
ERC/10/INF/6 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by the European Union and its Member States K8057E
ERC/10/INF/7 Summary Report of Recommendations of FAO Regional Bodies K7652E
ERC/10/LIM Series   
ERC/10/LIM/1 Main Conclusions and Recommendationsstemming from the debates of the 36th ECA session K8187E
ERC/10/REP Report of the Twenty-seventh FAO Regional Conference for Europe
(Yerevan (Armenia), 13-14 May 2010)

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