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Criquet pèlerin - Mise à jour 2 décembre 2016

Desert Locust outbreak continues in Mauritania while smaller ones develop in Eritrea and Yemen

A Desert Locust outbreak continues in western Mauritania where ground control operations are in progress against hopper bands and groups of hoppers and adults within an area of about 300 km by 200 km between Nouakchott and Atar as well as along a 100 km stretch of coast south of Nouakchott. Breeding has extended into the southern portion of the Western Sahara in the extreme south of Morocco where hatching occurred and limited control operations are underway against small hopper bands that are forming. Another generation of breeding could occur in Mauritania if temperatures remain warm.

More groups, bands and perhaps a few small swarms are expected to form in the outbreak area. Adult groups and perhaps a few small swarms may move progressively northwards during periods of warm southerly winds and reach northern Mauritania and adjacent areas of the Western Sahara where breeding will occur in areas that received heavy rains in October.

Elsewhere in the region, scattered adults persist along the southern side of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and in western Algeria. Small-scale breeding continues in the extreme south of Algeria near the Malian border where control was carried out. In northern Niger, local breeding occurred in Tamesna and the Air Mountains and limited control was undertaken recently.

In the Central region, small local outbreaks developed on the Red Sea coast in Eritrea and Yemen while a short-lived outbreak from last month subsided in Sudan. Ground control operations are in progress in both countries but limited in Yemen due to insecurity. Small-scale breeding will cause locust numbers to increase along both sides of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden coasts during December.

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