FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 404/2 - Use of Property Rights in Fisheries Management

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Proceedings of the FishRights99 Conference
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11-19 November 1999
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Table of Contents



AN INTRODUCTION TO RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: Mark Pendlebury, Clayton Utz, Perth

The Politics of Enclosures with Special Reference to the Icelandic ITQ System - H.H. Gissurarson
Introducing Property Rights into Fisheries Management: Governments cannot Cope with Implementation Alone - T. Craig
The Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union and Fishing Rights - C. Nordmann
The Global Environment Facility: A Partner in the Sustainable Management of Transboundary Fisheries - A. Merla

WHAT ARE PROPERTY RIGHTS? - Chairman: Peter Millington, Fisheries Western Australia, Perth

Are ITQs Property Rights? Definition, Discipline and Discourse - R. Connor
The Legal Nature of Australian Fishing Licences - Are they Property Rights? - B. McFarlane
Rights Based Systems: Sovereignty and Property - C. Jensen
Property Rights in Relation to Fishing Licences in Australia from a Legal Perspective - D. Fitzpatrick
Balancing Security and Flexibility in Granting a Right to Catch Fish - B. Wylynko and L. McIntosh
ITQs - New Zealand and United States: Allocation Formula and Legal Challenges - W.J. Nielander and M.S. Sullivan
Fishing Rights: a Multidimensional Perspective - N. Taylor-Moore
Rights-based Fisheries Management in New South Wales, Australia - A. Goulstone
The Closure of the Port Phillip Bay Scallop Fishery - S. McCormack and R. McLoughlin

EVOLUTION OF RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: Lee Anderson, University of Delaware

Enhancing Fisheries Rights through Legislation - Australia's Experience - M. Tsamenyi and A. McIlgorm
Development and Implementation of Access Limitation Programmes in Marine Fisheries of the United States - G.H. Darcy and G.C. Matlock
Property Rights on the High Seas: Issues for High Seas Fisheries - A. Stokes
From Social Thought to Economic Reality: the First 25 Years of the Lake Winnipeg IQ Management Programme - G.S. Gislason
The Use of Individual Fishing Quotas in the United States' EEZ - A.C. Wertheimer and D. Swanson
Development of Property Rights-based Fisheries Management in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands: a Comparison - G. Valatin
Rights-based Fisheries Development in Australia: has it Stalled? - A. McIlgorm and M. Tsamenyi

CO-MANAGEMENT AND RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: George Kailis, MG Kailis Pty Ltd, Perth

Co-Management and Rights-based Fisheries - M. Haward and M. Wilson
Community Management in Groundfish: a New Approach to Property Rights - F.G. Peacock and J. Hansen
The Creation of Property Rights along Lake Kariba through the Formation of a Fishermen’s Association - R. Gwazani

MULTIPLE COMMUNITIES AND RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: Guy Leyland, Western Australian Fisheries Industry Council, Mt Hawthorn

Bringing the State Back in: the Choice of Regulatory System in South Africa’s New Fisheries Policy - B. Hersoug and P. Holm
Property Rights and Recreational Fishing: Never the Twain Shall Meet? - J. McMurran
Negotiating the Establishment and Management of Indigenous Coastal and Marine Resources - D. Campbell
Recognition of and Provision for Indigenous and Coastal Community Fishing Rights Using Property Rights Instruments - M. Hooper and T. Lynch
The Implementation of an Italian Network of Marine Protected Areas: Rights-Based Strategies for Coastal Fisheries Management - F. Andaloro and L. Tunesi
Estuaries in Western Australia - An Integrated Approach to Management - J. Borg
United States’ Fishery Cooperatives: Rationalizing Fisheries through Privately Negotiated Contracts - J. Leblanc

APPLYING RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: Ross Shotton, Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome

Determining the Impacts of Adopting Property Rights as a Fishery Management Tool in Regulated Open Access Fisheries - J.M. Ward and W. Keithly
The Commercial Geoduck (Panopea abrupta) Fishery in British Columbia, Canada - An Operational Perspective of a Limited Entry Fishery with Individual Quotas - S. Heizer
Abalone and the Implementation of a Share-based Property Right in New South Wales, Australia - D. Watkins
Canadian Scallop Fishery Management: A Case History and Comparison of Property Rights vs. Competitive Approaches - F. G. Peacock, J. Nelson, E. Kenchington and G. Stevens
The Orange Roughy Management Company Limited - A Positive Example of Fish Rights in Action - G. Clement
The Effects of Transferable Property Rights on the Fleet Capacity and Ownership of Harvesting Rights in the Dutch Demersal North Sea Fisheries - W. P. Davidse
Trends in Fishing Capacity and Aggregation of Fishing Rights in New Zealand under Individual Transferable Quota - R. Connor
Measurement of Concentration in Canada’s Scotia-Fundy Inshore Groundfish Fishery - D.S.K. Liew
Indicators of the Effectiveness of Quota Markets: the South East Trawl Fishery of Australia - R. Connor and D. Alden

APPLYING RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: Rolf Willman, Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome

Will Improving Access Rights Lead to Better Management - Quota Management in the Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishery - W. Ford
Individual Transferable Catch Quota: Australian Experience in the Southern Bluefin Tuna Fishery - D.B. Campbell and T. Battaglene
Shark Bay Prawn Fishery - A Synoptic History and the Importance of “Property Rights” in its Ongoing Management - P.P. Rogers and J.P. Penn

APPLYING RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT TO DEVELOPING FISHERIES - Chairman: Ulf Wijkström, Food and Agriculture Organizations, Rome

Efficient Access Right Regimes for Exploratory and Developmental Fisheries - A. Cox and A. Kemp
Developing New Fisheries in Western Australia - J. Borg and R. Sellers
Incorporation of a Fish Property Right: a Hypothetical Example - W. Zacharin and R. Edwards

APPLYING RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT TO DEVELOPING FISHERIES - Chairman: Ross Shotton, Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome

Challenges to the Co-Existence of Marine Farming and Capture Fisheries in New Zealand - K. Drummond, P. Kirk and L. Nelson
The Role of Property Rights in the Development of New Zealand’s Marine Farming Industry - M. Harte and R. Bess
The Nature of “Rights” in the Western Australian Pearling Industry - H.G. Brayford and G. Paust

GLOBALIZATION AND RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: John Nicholls, Fisheries Western Australia, Perth

Property Rights as an Alternative to Subsidisation of Fishing and a Key to Eliminating International Seafood Trade Distortions - A. Macfarlane
A Proposal for Cost Recovery in the Alaska Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Fisheries - P.J. Smith and J.T. Sproul
South African Perspectives on Rights in Fishing and Implications for Resource Management - D.J. Bailey

RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: Alain Bonzon, Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome

Making Fishing Rights Worthwhile - Sustainable Fisheries - K.Truelove
Evolution of Self-Governance within a Harvesting System Governed by Individual Transferable Quota - M. Arbuckle and K. Drummond
Stronger Rights, Higher Fees, Greater Say: Linkages for the Pacific Halibut Fishery in Canada - G.S. Gislason
Property Rights and their Role in Sustaining New Zealand Seafood Firms' Competitiveness - R. Bess

RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS-BASED MANAGEMENT - Chairman: John Nicholls, Fisheries Western Australia, Perth

Why Recover Costs? Cost Recovery and Property Rights in New Zealand - N. Wyatt
Fisher Obligations in Co-Managed Fisheries: the Case for Enforcement - J.P. McKinlay and P.J. Millington
Enforcement and Compliance of ITQs: New Zealand and the United States of America - W.J. Nielander and M.S. Sullivan

DENOMINATING RIGHTS - Chairman: Matt Gleeson, Australian Forestry and Fisheries Administration

A Mechanism to Address Surplus Growth within Quasi-Property Right Systems - C. Annand and F.G. Peacock
The Missing T: Path-Dependency within an Individual Vessel Quota System - The Case of Norwegian Cod Fisheries - B. Hersoug, P. Holm and S.A. Rånes
The Scalefish Fisheries of Northern Western Australia - The Use of Transferable Effort Allocations in the Management of Multi-Species Scalefish Fisheries - L. Cooper and L. Joll

LOOKING FORWARD: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES - Chairman: Rebecca Metzner, Fisheries Western Australia, Perth

The Fishing-Rights on Marine Resources in China - Z. Wu
The Implementation of Fishing-Rights Systems in Southeast Asia: a Case Study in Thailand - S. Anuchiracheeva