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Appendix 1
Sources of information

International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS)
309 West Clark
Champaign, IL 61820, USA
(217) 356–3182

Publications available from IETS:

Embryo Transfer Newsletter, which contains position advertisements, meeting announcements, abstracts of recent papers, and bibliography.

Proceedings of XIV Annual Conference and the Symposium on Ultrasonography in Embryo Transfer and in vitro Fertilization Programs. 1988. Theriogenology, 29(1). 344 p.

Proceedings of XIII Annual Conference and the Symposium on Embryos and Disease Transmission. 1987. Theriogenology, 27(1). 299 p.

Proceedings of XII Annual Conference and the Symposium on Reproductive Technology in Non-domestic Species. 1986. Theriogenology, 25(1). 223p.

Proceedings of XI Annual Conference and the Symposium on Freezing and Splitting Embryos. 1985. Theriogenology, 23(1). 239p.

Proceedings of X Annual Conference and the Symposium on Sexing. 1984. Theriogenology, 21(1). 277p.

Proceedings of IV to IX Annual Conference (1978–83) published each year in the January issue of Theriogenology, (p.110–185).

Manual of the International Embryo Transfer Society (a procedural guideline and general information for the use of embryo transfer technology emphasizing sanitary procedures). First edition published in May 1987, 67p.

International Embryo Movement. 1987. Proc. Symposium XXXIII World Vet. Congr. Hare, W.C.D. and Seidel, S.M., eds. Montreal.

Office International des Epizooties (OIE)
Service des Publications
12 rue de Prony
75017 Paris, France

Publications available from OIE:

Diseases transmissible by semen and embryo transfer. 1986. Hare, W.C.D., ed. 90p.

Diseases transmissible by semen and embryo transfer techniques. 1985. Hare, W.C.D., ed. (Available in English, French and Spanish)

International Zoosanitary Code. 1986.

Diseases transmissible by semen and embryo transfer techniques. 1985. Technical Series No. 4. ISBN 92-9044- 164-1.

Proceedings of the Round Table Meeting on Sanitary Problems related to Embryo Transfer, organized by OIE and IETS, 9 December 1985, Paris.

Publications from other sources:

Embryo transfer in cattle, sheep and goats. 1982. Papers of a symposium held in Canberra, Australia, May 1981. Shelton, J.N, Trounson, A.O., Moore, N.W. & James, J.W., eds. Australian Society for Reproductive Biology, University of Sydney Farms, Camden, NSW, Australia 2570. 86 pp.

Mammalian egg transfer. 1982. Adams, C.E., ed. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. 242 pp. 12 chapters reviewing history, techniques and applications of embryo transfer in laboratory species, livestock species, carnivores and primates. LC No. 82–4212, ISBN 0-8493-6140-0.

New technologies in animal breeding. 1981. Brackett, B.G., Seidel, G.E., Jr., and Seidel, S.M., eds. Academic Press, 6277 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, FL 32821-9989, USA. 268pp. ISBN 0-12- 123450-9.

Prospects for sexing mammalian sperm. 1982. Amann, R.P. and Seidel, G.E., Jr., eds. Colorado Associated University Press, Boulder, CO 80309, USA. 288 pp. LC No. 82-770138, ISBN 0-87081-134-7.

Factsheets. 1985. Embryo transfer: what is really involved?; La transferencia de embriones: ¿en qué consiste? No. 15, No. 15-S. Winrock International, Institute for Agricultural Development, Route 3, Morrilton, AR 72110-9537, USA. Tel. (501)727 5435 or TWX 910- 720-6616.

Animal germplasm preservation and utilization in agriculture. 1986. Report No. 101. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), 137 Lynn Ave., Ames, IA 50010, USA.

International Directory of Animal Health and Disease Data Banks. 1982. USDA National Agricultural Library Miscellaneous Publication No. 1423. For information, contact Jesse Ostroff, Technical Liaison Officer for Animal Science and Industry, National Agricultural Library, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250, USA.

Buffalo Bulletin IBIC, Kasetsart University Library, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

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