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The FAO Electronic Workshop "Land - Water Linkages in Rural Watersheds" was organized by Benjamin Kiersch with support by Jean-Marc Faurès of the Land and Water Development Division. Valuable inputs were provided during the planning and preparation stages by Thomas Hofer from the Forest Resources Division, and Sally Bunning, Tudor Botzan and Rod Gallacher from the Land and Water Development Division. Constance Neely (University of Georgia) helped greatly in organizing the conference by contributing the "Landscape - Lifescape" concept. Thorgeir Lawrence assisted with the moderation of the workshop and prepared the first draft of the workshop proceedings. The synthesis report was prepared by Sylvia Tognetti, who also finalized the abstracts of many case studies. Jippe Hoogeveen and Wolfgang Prante contributed to the preparation of the CD-ROM and the workshop Web site.

The organizers would like to acknowledge the authors of the background papers: Ian Calder, Norman Peters, Michel Meybeck, Bill Deutsch, Jim Orprecio, Allison Busby, Janeth Bago-Labis, Estela Cequiña, Marta Echavarría and Jan de Graaff, and all the active participants who contributed their knowledge and experience in numerous interventions and case studies.

Finally, special thanks are due to Lynette Chalk for the efficient preparation of the text and formatting.

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