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List of background papers (available on CD-ROM)

(available on CD-ROM)

Land use impacts on water resources

Ian Calder

Water quality degradation affects on freshwater availability: impacts of human activities

Norman E. Peters and Michel Meybeck

Community-based water quality monitoring: from data collection to sustainable management of water resources

William G. Deutsch, Jim L. Orprecio, Allison L. Busby, Janeth P. Bago-Labis, Estela Y. Cequiña

Valuation of water-related services to downstream users in rural watersheds: determining values for the use and protection of water resources

Marta Echavarría

Downstream effects of land degradation and soil and water conservation

Jan de Graaff

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· Apple Macintosh with PowerPC® processor and Mac OS® 8.6 / 9.0.4 / 9.1 / X

· 64 MB of RAM

· 24 MB of available hard-disk space

· Internet browser such as Netscape® Navigator or Microsoft® Internet Explorer

· Adobe Acrobat® Reader (included on CD-ROM)

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