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Appendix B

    1949    1949–50    1949–50–51
Philippine RepublicUnion of South AfricaIndia
United KingdomUnited States of AmericaMexico


Chairman of the Council: Viscount Bruce of Melbourne


Edwin McCarthy, Secretary, Department of Commerce and Agriculture, Canberra, Representative

James U. Garside, Commercial Counselor, Australian Embassy, Washington, Alternate

John R.A. McMillan, Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sydney, Associate

Donald J. Munro, First Secretary, Australian Embassy, Washington, Associate

John Thomas Smith, Department of Commerce and Agriculture, Canberra, Associate

Gordon Noel Upton, Third Secretary, Australian Embassy, Washington, Secretary of Delegation


Newton de Castro Belleza, Head, Education and Health Division, Sao Francisco Valley Commission, Rio de Janeiro, Representative


G.S.H. Barton, Special Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Representative

George R. Paterson, Agricultural Counselor, Canadian Embassy, Washington, Alternate


Jorge Burr, Commercial Counselor, Chilean Embassy, Washington, Alternate


Chih-Mai Chen, Counselor, Chinese Embassy, Washington, Representative

Shou-Eng Koo, Adviser, Land-Tax and Food Administration, Chungking, Alternate

Chong Twanmo, Senior Agricultural Economist, Chinese Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chungking, Adviser and Secretary of Delegation


Enrique Pérez-Cisneros, Commercial Attaché, Cuban Embassy, Washington, Representative

Ramon G. Osuna, Attaché, Cuban Embassy, Washington, Alternate


Frantisek Vanicek, Director, Institute for International Cooperation in Agriculture and Forestry, Prague, Representative


Anders Peter Jacobsen, State Counselor, Ministry of Agriculture, Copenhagen, Representative

Axel Frederik Knudsen, Agricultural Counselor, Danish Embassy, Washington, Alternate


Anwar Niazi, Second Secretary, Royal Egyptian Embassy, Washington, Representative

Abdelfattah Ali Mouroi, Agricultural Attaché, Royal Egyptian Embassy, Washington, Alternate


André Mayer, Professor, Collège de France, Paris; Chairman, National FAO Committee, Representative

Michel Cépède, Secretary, French National FAO Committee, Paris, Alternate

G.H. Janton, Contrôleur d'Etat, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Paris, Associate


Binay Ransan Sen, Minister, Embassy of India, Washington, Representative,

Narhar Ganesh Abhyankar, Food Attaché, Embassy of India, Washington, Alternate


Ugo, G. Papi, Professor, Rome University, Rome, Representative

Paolo Rogers, Italian Technical Delegation, Italian Embassy, Washington, Alternate


Adolfo Alarcón Mendizabal, Agricultural Attaché, Mexican Embassy, Washington, Representative

Gonzalo Andrade, Assistant Agricultural Attaché, Mexican Embassy, Washington, Alternate


Egbert DeVries, Professor, Agriculture University, Wageningen, The Hague, Representative

J.B. Ritzema van Ikema, Agricultural Attaché, Netherlands Embassy, Washington, Alternate

S. Herweijer, Inspector for Agriculture, The Hague, Associate

Philippine Republic

Joaquin M. Elizalde, Ambassador, Philippine Embassy, Washington, Representative

José Teodoro, Commercial Attaché, Philippine Embassy, Washington, Alternate

Urbano A. Zafra, Commercial Counselor, Philippine Embassy, Washington, Alternate

Union of South Africa

S.J.J. DeSwardt, Chief, Division of Economics and Markets, Department of Agriculture, Pretoria, Representative

Rees Davies, Agricultural Attaché, South African Embassy, Washington, Alternate

W. Horrocks, Commercial Secretary, South African Embassy, Washington, Alternate

United Kingdom

Sir Ralph Roscoe Enfield, Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, London, Representative

A.D. Duckham, Agricultural Attaché, British Embassy, Washington, Associate

J.R. Trevaldwyn, United Kingdom Treasury and Supply Delegation, Washington, Associate

Robert Burns, Counselor for Commercial Policy, British Embassy, Washington, Associate

Donald Tebbit, First Secretary, British Embassy, Washington, Associate

Berwyn Felton, Principal, Ministry of Food, London, Associate and Secretary of Delegation

United States of America

Albert J. Loveland, Under Secretary of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Representative

Fred J. Rossiter, Associate Director of Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Alternate

John W. Evans, Chief, Economic Resources and Security Staff, Department of State, Washington, Associate

Stanley Black Fracker, Agricultural Research Administration, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Adviser

George Mason Ingram, Chief, Division of International Administration, Department of State, Washington, Adviser

William Arthur Minor, Jr., Assistant to the Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Adviser

Ralph S. Roberts, Director of Finance, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Adviser

Robert B. Schwenger, Office of Foreign Agriculture Relations, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Adviser

James O. Howard, Head, Division of Information, Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations, Department of Agriculture, Washington, Adviser and Secretary of Delegation


Member Nations

New Zealand

Robert W. Marshall, Commercial Attaché, New Zealand Embassy, Washington, D.C.

United Nations and Specialized Agencies

United Nations

Perce R. Judd, Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations, Lake Success

Selim N. Shalom, Agricultural Specialist, Department of Trusteeship, United Nations, Lake Success

Gerald C.L. Wen, Liaison Officer, (Executive Office of the Secretary-General), United Nations, Lake Success

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Paul F. Craig-Martin, Chief, Agriculture Section, Washington

K. Varvaressos, Economic Consultant

International Labour Office

Elisabeth Rowe, Executive Secretary, Branch Office, Washington

International Monetary Fund

Gertrud Lovasy, Economist

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

S. N. Das-Gupta, Counsellor, Natural Sciences Department, Paris

Special Observer

Holy See

William Joseph Gibbons, Public Relations, National Catholic Rural Life Conference, New York

John Patrick Kelly, Catholic University, Washington

Other Observers

Associated Country Women of the World

Helendeen H. Dodderidge, (Representing Mrs. Raymond Sayre, President)

International Council of Women

Edith J. Goode

International Federation of Agricultural Producers

Andrew Cairns, Secretary General, Washington

International Chamber of Commerce

Walter Burdette Garver, Manager, Agricultural Department, Washington

World Federation of Trade Unions

Elizabeth Sasuly, Washington Representative, Food, Tobacco, and Agricultural Workers

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