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The following is a list of publications on the protection of the marine environment that are published by the International Maritime Organization, Publications Section, 4 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SR, UK.
These publications provide governments, particularly those of developing countries, with an overview of practical guidelines to combat pollution at sea.

Guidelines on the provision of adequate reception facilities in ports

Part I (oily wastes), Part II (residues and mixtures containing noxious liquid substances), Part III (sewage), and Part IV (garbage)
Catalogue No. 5807702E, 1976;
Catalogue No. 5828609E, 1986;
Catalogue No. 5847812E, 1978.

Manual on oil pollution

Section I (Prevention), Section II (contingency planning), Section III (salvage), Section IV (combatting oil spills).

Catalogue No. 5578301E, 1983;
Catalogue No. 5608802E, 1988;
Catalogue No. 5668303E, 1983;
Catalogue No. 5698811E, 1988.

IMO/UNEP guidelines on oil spill dispersant application and environmental considerations

Catalogue No. 5758218E, 1982 edition.

MARPOL 73/78, Consolidated Edition 1991

Oily-water separators and monitoring equipment
Catalogue No. 6088710E, 1987 edition.

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