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The main purpose of IUFRO is to promote international cooperation in scientific studies embracing the entire field of research related to forestry.

The Divisions provide the structure for work in a particular field of forest science. Most research activities have taken place within Divisions. Besides the Divisions, there are also Task Forces, Special Programmes and Projects. The eight Divisions are:

International IUFRO / FAO Seminar

Forest Operations in Himalayan Forests with special Consideration of Ergonomic and Socio-economic Problems, 20-28, October, 1997, Thimphu/Bhutan. Seminar to discuss how to improve the efficiency of forest operations in the mountain forests of the Himalayan subregion; exchange experience among scientists, professionals, and government representatives; create better understanding between scientists from various countries and cultures. The main program topics of the three day seminar (20-22 Oct.) are: Road Building; Felling; Timber Transportation; Ergonomics; and Interactions of Forestry and Rural Development.

This seminar is a cooperative effort among IUFRO Research Groups 3.07.00 "Ergonomics", 3.11.00 "Forest Operations and Environmental Protection", and FAO. The registration fee is not yet known precisely, US$300 at most. Food and lodging costs will be less than US$80 per day. Seminar language is English. See next page for contacts. Also see: URL:

Forest Work Study Nomenclature

The participants of the S3.04.02 at IUFRO XX World Congress 1995, agreed to launch a nomenclature for practical testing aimed at refining it for final acceptance at the next World Congress in Malaysia in 2000. It is hoped that all IUFRO members will either use this nomenclature in technical reports or communicate to the subcommittee why they cannot. It is envisioned that internationally accepted practices for collection, analyzing, and reporting results of forest work studies will be the next logical development in this initiative. Anyone interested in working in this area is encouraged to discuss this interest with the leaders of IUFRO S3.04.02. The chairman is Rolf Björheden, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Operational Efficiency, S-776 98 Garpenberg, Sweden, Tel: +46 225 26073, Fax: +46 225 26100, Email:

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