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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of Codex comprises the Chair, three vice Chairs, six regional coordinators and seven elected representatives from the various geographical groups of Codex. 

74th Session - Rome 2017

Between sessions, the Executive Committee acts as the Executive organ of the Commission.

In particular, the Executive Committee can make proposals to the Commission regarding general orientation, strategic planning, and programming of the work of the Commission.

The Executive Committee assists in the management of the Commission’s programme of standards development by conducting a "critical review" of proposals to undertake work and monitoring the progress of standards development.

Sub-committees of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee may establish a sub-committee when necessary to enable it to carry out its functions as effectively as possible. The Executive Committee appoints one of the vice-Chairpersons of the Commission to serve as chairperson of any such sub-committees. These sub-committees report back to the CCEXEC.


The Committee should support the work of the Commission by anticipating challenges and proposing solutions.