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World Food Safety Day campaign in the Russian social media


The 2nd World Food Safety Day (WFSD) took place on 7 June 2020 to raise awareness and inspire action to contribute not only to food security and human health, but also sustainable development. This Day proved to be of special value in the unprecedent time of the COVID-19 pandemic as the food safety is a shared responsibility of all sectors and society as a whole.

The WHO Country Office in the Russian Federation used this year’s theme “Food safety, everyone’s business” to amplify communications efforts to inform the public of the burden of foodborne diseases, promote actions to detect and manage foodborne risks, remind of importance of food safety education that should start from the childhood.

The office launched a wide online campaign on the country’s largest social media platform VKontakte, which reached more than 16 thousand views, with multiple posts regularly appearing from 2nd of June.


WHO Russian Fed

Part of the World Food Safety social media campaign in Russian