Detailed program, abstracts, papers and presentations

Plenary Session 1 - Global Strategy
Chair: Pietro Gennari (FAO)
Hans Binswanger Statistics and Policy-Making in Support of Agriculture and Rural Development: (foregone) benefits of (missing) good data n.a. n.a. PPT
Fred Vogel Overview of the Global Strategy n.a. n.a. PPT
Adrian Bugg Conceptual Framework n.a. n.a. n.a.
Plenary Session 2 - Integrating Agricultural Statistics into the NSS
Chair: Katherine R. Smith (ERS)
Eduardo Nunes Integrating Agricultural Statistics into the National Statistical System n.a n.a n.a
Plenary Session 3 - Capacity Building
Chair: Christophe Duhamel
Chris Gringerich Capacity Building for Better Agricultural Statistics – The perspective of the donors n.a. n.a. n.a.
Samia Zakaria Capacity Building for Better Agricultural Statistics " The perspective of the countries n.a. n.a. PPT
Parallel Session 1.1 - Determining the scope and coverage of agriculture
Chair: Adrian Bugg
Bernard Muhwezi Mapping a Better Future Spatial Analysis and Pro-Poor Livestock Strategies in Uganda n.a . n.a. PPT
Tariku Abaye, Aberash 2003 pastoral areas livestock census and the data needs in the national strategy for the development of statistics (NSDS) in Ethiopia n.a. Paper n.a.
Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek; Emwanu, Thomas; Morgan, Nancy Integrating livestock into agricultural statistics: The AU-IBAR, FAO, ILRI, WB Data Innovation Project Abst Paper PPT
Tsuji, Sachiko; Santosa, Bambang Heru Importance of the Global Strategy for the fishery and aquaculture sector and its implementation for Indonesian economy data collection Abstr Paper PPT
Everaers, Pieter; Selenius, John Convergence of the theoretical model with the current situation in the EU n.a. Paper n.a.
Parallel Session 1.2 - Linking Agricultural Economic and Social Statistics
Chairs: Cheryl Christensen and Todd Benson
Acs, Szvetlana; Delincé, Jacques; Ferrari, Emanuele; Gonzalez-Mellado, Aida; Sammeth, Frank The link between Agricultural and Rural Statistic and Agricultural Modelling Abstr Paper PPT
Azzarri, Carlo; Carletto, Gero; Covarrubias, Katia; De La O, Ana Paula; Petracco, Carly; Scott, Kinnon; Zezza, Alberto Measure for Measure: Systematic Patterns of Deviation between Measures of Income and Consumption in Developing Countries - Evidence from a New Dataset Abstr Paper PPT
Dillon, Andrew; Beaman, Lori; Bardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Serneels, Pieter Survey Design Choices and their Consequences: Implications for Economic, Agricultural and Social Surveys Abstr Paper PPT
Badiane, Ousmane; Odjo, Sunday; Ulimwengu, John M. Promoting Evidence and Outcome Based Food Policy Planning and Implementation in Africa - Data, Analysis, and Policy Evaluation Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 1.3 - Linking Agricultural and Environment Statistics with Land Use
Chairs: Mary Bohman
Watt, Jean Frames used for agricultural and forestry surveys in New Zealand Abstr Paper n.a.
Nickerson, Cynthia Integrating Agriculture and Other Land Use Statistics: the U.S. Experience Abstr Paper PPT
Murray, Siobhan; Larson, Donald Gauging the productivity gap in Africa: Matching the potential from natural endowments with outcomes from household surveys Abstr n.a. n.a.
Barasa, Bernard; Egeru, Anthony; Okello, Patrick Analysis of Land Use/Cover Trends in Kirima sub/County Kanungu District Abstr Paper n.a.
Parallel Session 2.1 - Remote Sensing Applications
Chair: Jeff Bailey
Bailey, Jeffrey T.;Boryan, Claire Remote Sensing Uses in Agriculture at the National Agricultural Statistics Service Abstr Paper PPT
Carletto, Calogero; Savastano, Sara; Zezza, Alberto Using Global Position System for Land Measurement: Testing the Farm size-Productivity Relationship Abstr n.a. n.a.
Laykam, Konstantin Not available n.a. n.a. n.a.
Parallel Session 2.2 - Technology for data collection
Chairs: Flavio Bolliger and George MuAmmar
Asare-Marfo, Dorene; Birol, Ekin; Roy, Devesh Investigating Farmers’ Choice of Pearl Millet Varieties in India to Inform Targeted Biofortification Interventions: Modalities of Multi-Stakeholder Data Collection Abstr Paper PPT
Harris, James M.; Gerling, Michael W. Technology Advancing Data Collection: Thin Client Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing in the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s 2010 Field Data Collection Program Abstr Paper n.a.
Keita, Naman; MuAmmar, George; Carfagna, Elisabetta Issues and guidelines for the emerging use of GPS and PDAs in agricultural statistics in developing countries Abstr Paper n.a.
Chalmers, Neil; Broadbent, Louise Computer Assisted Personal Interviews in the Context of Agricultural Surveys: Key Features and Preliminary Ideas for Further Development Abstr Paper n.a.
Parallel Session 2.3 - Integrated Data Dissemination (data Warehouse, Data Fusion)
Chair: Marco Ballin
Mudesir Seid, Yakob Use of technologies for data collection, capturing, archiving and dissemination-the Ethipian expereince Abstr Paper n.a.
Lehman, Joel M. Data Warehousing and Web 2.0 Data Dissemination Abstr Paper n.a.
Jern, Mikael Publishing dynamic statistics visualization stories technique helps increasing people’s analysis and information sharing Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 3.1 - Agricultural Statistics Country Assessment (developing the agricultural DQAF)
Chair: E.S.K Muwanga-Zake
Kamgaing, Serge From metadata for agricultural statistics to data quality assessment: the case of Cameroon Abstr Paper n.a.
Mayinza, Seth; Ouma, Flavia; MUWANGa-ZaKE, E.S.K In the Construction of an International Agricultural Data Quality Assessment Framework (ADQAF) Abstr Paper PPT
Tempelman,Diana Improving data quality using a gender sensitive perspective of agricultural statistics: "HOW TO" lessons learned from Africa Abstr n.a. PPT
Parallel Session 3.2 - Training Component
Chairs: Graham Eele and Oumar Sarr
Bhatia, V.K. Teaching and Training of Agricultural Statistics Abstr Paper PPT
Mathai, Jose Role of universities in statistical capacity building: The case of the Department of Applied Statistics at National University of Rwanda Abstr Paper n.a.
Ssekiboobo, A.M.N; Muwanga-Zake, E.S.K Prospects And Challenges Of Training In Agricultural Statistics At Different Levels In A Developing Country Abstr Paper PPT
Eele, G.J; Sarr, O. Putting in Place the Training Capacity Needed to Implement the Global Strategy for Agricultural Statistics in Africa Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 3.3 - Technical Assistance Component
Chairs: Ronald Luttikhuizen and Adalbert Nshimyumuremyi
Luttikhuizen, Ronald; Kamara, Momodu Technical Assistance for Agriculture Statistics: World Banks role and GDDS II and Sierra Leone experiences Abstr Paper PPT
Gennari, Pietro; Keita, Naman New approaches to Technical Assistance for sustainable national agricultural statistics systems in the framework of the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural Statistics Abstr n.a. PPT
Kiregyera, Ben; Ngendakumana, Vincent; Nshimyumuremyi, Adalbert Global Strategy for Improving Agricultural statistics: Technical Assistance Component of the Implementation Plan for Africa Abstr Paper PPT
Mayinza, Seth Technical Assistance in Agricultural Statistics, the Experience of Uganda Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 3.4 - Research Agenda
Chair: Cynthia Clark and Naman Keita
Keita, Naman; Carfagna, Elisabetta Overview of methodological issues for research to improve agricultural statistics in developing countries Abstr Paper PPT
Clark, Cynthia Development and Acquisition of Research Expertise and Resources Abstr Paper PPT
Young, Linda Setting a Research Agenda Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 4.1 - Rural and Social Statistics Core Indicators from the Wye City Group Handbook
Chairs: Graham Eele and Carola Fabi
Chandra, Hukum; Sud, U. C.; Salvati, Nicola Estimation of District Level Poor Households in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India by Combining NSSO Survey and Census Data Abstr Paper PPT
Pothy, Pich Agricultural Households Livelihood Activities in Cambodia Derived from the 2008 Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey Abstr Paper PPT
Keita, Naman ;Pizzoli, Edoardo Agricultural and Rural Households Income Statistics in Countries in Less-Than-Ideal Conditions: an Insight Thinking to African Countries Abstr Paper PPT
Eele, Graham; Hill, Berkeley; Fabi Carola The Updated and Revised Wye Handbook and Links to Implementing the Global Strategy for Agricultural Statistics Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 4.2 - Environment Statistics including land and water use Core indicators,
cross-sectoral indicators, etc.
Chair: Amerigo Liotti
Narain, P. Land use classification: concepts & methods-towards an improved information basis Abstr Paper PPT
Moss, Ole Osvald Agri-environmental reporting - a national experience Abstr Paper PPT
Selenius, Johan Identifying the core data needed for agri-environmental statistics: Eurostat "DireDate project" Abstr Paper PPT
Mayo, Robert; Sessa, Reuben Challenges and solutions for data on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 4.3 - Economic Statistics
Chair: Jan Smit
Zhang, Mingmei Improve Data Quality of The Chinese Agriculture Economic Accounting Abstr Paper n.a.
Gbegbelegbe Sika; Gelan, Ayele; Wanjiku, Julliet; Karugia, Joseph; Massawe, Stella; Jonesmus, Wambua Towards developing intra-regional trade indicators for staple food products in EAC and COMESA Abstr Paper PPT
Agarwal, Ankush; Mitra, Arup Agriculture and its Integration with National Accounts Statistics: the Indian case Abstr Paper n.a.
Boone, Koen; Dolman, Mark Monitoring sustainability of Dutch agriculture Abstr Paper PPT
Havinga, Ivo Global assessment on the availability, periodicity, timeliness
and dissemination of high frequency indicators
n.a. Paper PPT
Parallel Session 5.1 - Linking Population and Agriculture Census
Chair: Samia Zekaria
Nhanzimo, Azarias; Cravo, Julia Linking Population Census 2007 and Agricultural Census 2009/2010 Abstr n.a. n.a.
Srivastava, Mukesh;Keita, Naman; Ouedraogo, Eloi; Kabore, Moussa Collecting Agricultural Data from Population Census: Overview of FAO recommendations and experiences of Burkina Faso and other countries Abstr Paper PPT
Ardief, Achmad Linking Population and Agriculture Census in Indonesia Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 5.2 - Integrated Agricultural and Household Surveys
Chairs: Gero Carletto and Samia Zakaria
Yigezu, Biratu; Zekaria, Samia Integrated Agricultural and Household surveys: The case of Ethiopia Abstr Paper PPT
Messer, Christina S. Expanding Usability of the U.S. Census of Agriculture: Moving from General Information to Specific Details through Follow-on Surveys Abstr Paper PPT
Zhao, Jianhua; Zhou, Wei The Integrated Survey Framework in the Redesign of Sample Surveys in China Agricultural and Rural Statistics Abstr Paper PPT
Soares, Wagner Lopes; Bolliger, Flavio Pinto; Costa, Andre Luiz Martins Agricultural household in the context of the household surveys and Agricultural Census: a methodological assessment in Brazil Abstr Paper PPT
Lubulwa, Milly; Martin, Peter; Shafron, Walter; Bowen, Bruce Statistical integration in designing Australian farm surveys Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 5.3 - Frames for agricultural surveys, Sample design
Chairs: Naman Keita and Jacques Delincé
Tariku Abaye, Aberash Combining Enumeration Area Maps and Satellite Images (land cover) for the development of Area Frame (Multiple Frame) in an African country: preliminary lessons from the experience of Ethiopia Abstr Paper n.a.
Pan, Yaozhong; Wang, Minghua; Wei, Ge; Wei, Fenghua; Shi, Kaifen; Li, Le; Sun, Guannan Application of Area-frame sampling for agricultural statistics in China Abstr Paper n.a.
Elisabetta Carfagna Transforming a sample design for taking into account new statistical needs, new information or new technological instruments for data collection Abstr n.a. PPT
Parallel Session 6.1 - National Governance Mainstreaming the Global Strategy and Agriculture Statistics into the NSDS’s
Chairs: Christophe Duhamel and Adalbert Nshimyumuremyi
Kibuuka, Edmund Formulating a country’s agricultural statistics strategy: The South African experience Abstr Paper PPT
Miramontes, Ulises Integrating Agriculture into National Information Systems: The Case of Mexico Abstr Paper PPT
Castano, Jairo Integration of Agriculture into the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) in Lao PDR Abstr Paper PPT
Ajayi Oladejo, Chinganya; Nshimyumuremyi Adalbert Framework for mainstreaming agricultural statistics into the NSDS process Abstr Paper PPT
Parallel Session 6.2 - International Governance
Chairs: Pieter Everaers and Adalbert Nshimyumuremyi
Kiregyera, Ben; Ngendakumana, Vincent; Nshimyumuremyi, Adalbert Global Strategy for Improving Agricultural statistics: Governance Arrangements for Its Implementation in Africa Abstr Paper PPT
Everaers, Pieter; Gennari, Pietro Global Strategy: Governance Arrangements from an International Perspective n.a. n.a. n.a.
Zekaria, Samia Global Strategy Governance from a Paris 21 and Country Perspective Abstr n.a. n.a.
Harper, Frances Strategy implementation: a donor's perspective on what could work Abstr Paper PPT