04 July 2016
- Global consumption of fish has increased significantly thanks to sustained production of aquaculture, but despite that the situation of global fish stock is not good. Manuel Barange, FAO Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division, illustrates the key ...
24 June 2016
- Capture fisheries support the livelihoods of over 120 million people. Small-scale fisheries produce two-thirds of all catches destined for direct human consumption and provide 90% of the employment in the sector.Nicole Franz, Fisheries Planning Analyst and Yvette Diei Ouadi, Fishery ...
17 May 2016
- In this message, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva announces that the count down to the entry into force of the PSMA is underway and on 5 June 2016 the world's first ever binding international accord specifically targeting illegal, unregulated ...
14 March 2016
- Pollution, illegal fishing, over-exploitation and climate change have become major threats to aquatic eco-systems. We need to change how the planet's marine and freshwater resources are managed. Lahsen Ababouch, Director of the FAO Fisheries and Agriculture Department together with Rebecca ...
22 February 2016
- Aquaculture contributes significantly to food security and economic growth: more than 50% of consumed fish comes from aquaculture, explains Audun Lem, Deputy Director of FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division.
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