Pesticide Registration Toolkit

FAO toolkit supports Cameroon authorities to improve evaluate and regulate pesticides

11/12/2017 - 15/12/2017

Fourteen staff of the pesticide registration authorities of Cameroon, including two members of the Interstate Committee of Pesticides in Central Africa, gathered in the city of Edea in Cameroon, from 11 – 15 December 2017, to participate in a training on the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit. The FAO Toolkit is designed to assist pesticide registrars from developing countries in the day-to-day pesticide registration tasks, including risk assessment. It facilitates finding data requirements, evaluating human and environmental risks, and determining risk mitigation measures. The training was organised by FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cameroon, under the project Disposal of existing POPs and other obsolete pesticides and implementation of a sound pest and pesticide management in Cameroon funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

The participants included staff of the Cameroon National Commission in charge of Pesticide Registration and Certification of Application Equipment (CNHPCAT), staff of the Department of Regulation and Quality Control of Agricultural Products and Inputs (DRCQ) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and staff of the Interstate Committee of Pesticides in Central Africa (CPAC). The key role of these organisations is to ensure that pesticides authorised for use in Cameroon and in the region do not pose unacceptable risks to human health.