International Year of Pulses: Communication in full swing

Having reached half-time, the International Year of Pulses 2016 is currently in full swing. A wealth of information on pulses, including factsheets, infographics, posters, videos and educational booklets, were produced in the six official FAO languages and many more. 

You can find out about the small nutritious seeds in new creative ways and take an active role in spreading the latest news about pulses to the world.

The Newsletter

Learning about pulses has just become easier. FAO’s monthly IYP newsletter keeps you informed about the latest updates in the world of pulses.

Via email you will receive the current news of the month, information about upcoming international pulse events, latest publications and presentations, tips for new delicious pulse based recipes and much more. If you wish to subscribe, please click here.

Posters available for public use

FAO’s newly released International Year of Pulses posters are now available for public use and can be used as promotional material for food events, exhibits, shows and other public occasions. 

You are invited to download the International Year of Pulses posters here

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