FAO Kids learn how pulses can help solve hunger and malnutrition in the world

The International Year of Pulses has officially closed, but its messages are truer than ever!

In this new episode of the FAO Kids comic strip series, Amina, one of our superheroes, introduces children to the topic of food security. Climate change, population growth and food loss and waste are major threats to food security; these factors can seriously limit people’s ability to get enough of the safe and nutritious food they need for an active and healthy life.

The comic teaches children that pulses are a powerful ally in achieving food security. They are economically affordable, can be grown in dry environments, and have a low food wastage footprint, as they can be stored for long periods without spoiling.

The comic also introduces children to notions such as biodiversity and sustainable agriculture in a simple and fun way. Teachers can even use the comic in science classes to engage students in interactive lessons.

The main aim of the comic is to explain that considering new solutions, like pulses, we can improve our diets, make our food systems more robust and help protect our natural resources. This can help make us the zero hunger generation.

You can download the new comic strip here. We invite you to use FAO Kids at home or school and to share your experience with us on the IYP blogFacebookTwitter or Instagram.