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Un atelier régional d'échange de connaissances, organisé par la Délégation Générale à la Protection Sociale et à la Solidarité Nationale (DGPSN) du Sénégal et l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) sur le thème «Renforcer la cohérence entre l'agriculture et la protection sociale pour la résilience et la...
FAO, ILO and the Zambian Government have worked together for the past 5 years to address youth employment issues through the USD7.6 million Yapasa Project, funded by the Government of Sweden. The intervention aims at facilitating the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for young women and men in rural areas of...
It’s that time of year again – FAO’s annual appointment in Vigo, Spain for the FAO-Conxemar World Fisheries Congress. Fisheries experts, industry actors, government officials, scientists, labour union representatives, and civil society organizations descend on this Galician city from around the world to attend this one day congress addressing a different...
去年,阿释米塔·塔帕的丈夫离开他们位于尼泊尔南部的家乡,去沙特阿拉伯寻找工作。此前,他一直是农民,曾经能够为家人种出足够的粮食。 但是现在,收成越来越差,阿释米塔解释道。“这是气候变化的一部分,”她说。“雨水没有以前多了;风刮得更厉害,虫害越来越多。”
22 August 2018, Kigali - Creating decent employment opportunities for youth in Africa's agriculture sector can significantly reduce youth migration from the continent, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva,  said  in his closing remarks at this week's international youth conference held in Rwanda.
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