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Vegetation description

Mangroves in the Maldives are either growing along lagoons or in depressions, and are most extensive on the northern atolls. At least 13 mangrove species are found, including kan’doo (Bruguiera cylindrica), bodavaki (Bruguiera gymnorhiza), ran’doo (Rhizophora mucronata), kulhlava (Sonneratia caseolaris), burevi (Lumnitzera racemosa), karamana (Ceriops tagal) and thela (Exoecaria agallocha).

FAO. 1993. Report to the Government of the Republic of Maldives on mangrove conservation and management. By Choudhury, J.K. FAO, Rome, 86pp.

National level mangrove area estimates

No quantitative information has been identified for the extent of mangroves in the Maldives.

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