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Table 58. Organic fertilizers for fishpond use in the Philippines


Rate of Application


VMC Organic

basal application: 20 bags/ha

Victorias Milling Company, Inc.

Sagana 100

basal application: 7 bags/ha

Sagana 100 Philippinea, Inc.

Algafer LPF plus

basal application: 3 l/ha

Datingbayan Agro-Industrial Corp.

Lab Me

dressing: 200-700 ml/ha/week depending on days of culture

Nutri-Systems International, Inc.


basal application: 4 kg/ha; dressing: 1/2 kg/ha

Biofield Industries, Inc.

Fertilex Diatom Substrate

Sun Chemicals Corporation

Lakas- Ani Bio-Organic

basal application: 15-20 bags/ha

Fiber and Agro Systems Technology, Inc.

Alpha SP

10-20 bags/ha

Galactic Resources Development Corporation

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