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Monday 14 April

Opening Session Chair

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Zimbabwe

Address by the Chairperson

0900 hrs

Welcome address

V. Sekitoleko, Representative, FAO Sub-Regional Office for East and Southern Africa

Inaugural address by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Government of Zimbabwe

0930 hrs

Coffee Break

Session II

Technology Transfer and Enabling Environment for Small-scale Irrigation


V. Sekitoleko, SAFR, FAO

1000 hrs

Objectives of the Workshop and adoption of Agenda

1015 hrs 1050 hrs

Findings of the FAO/IPTRID mission on technology transfer A. Kandiah, FAO and R. Purcell, IPTRID

1115 hrs

Presentation by national consultants to the FAO/IPTRID mission Discussion

1140 hrs

The SISDO credit programme: an example of the enabling environment in Kenya

M. K. Gakundi, General Manager, SISDO, Kenya Discussion

1220 hrs

Summing up by Chairperson

1230 hrs

Lunch Break

Session III

Issues, and Opportunities for Technology Transfer and Adoption


H.W. Welter, FAO

1400 hrs

Introduction to the Session by the Chairperson

1405 hrs

Low-cost technology for household water and food security

E. Perry, USA

1425 hrs

Discussion led by A.E. Daka, Zambia

1450 hrs

Promotion of low-cost and water-saving technologies for small-scale


M. de Lange, South Africa

1510 hrs

Discussion led by M. Sonou, FAO, RAP

1535 hrs

Coffee Break

1600 hrs

Technologies for water harvesting and soil moisture conservation

R. Florin, FAO, Rome (Presenting the paper of Mr. R.K.

Sivanappan, India)

1620 hrs

Discussion led by R.L. Daluti, Tanzania

1645 hrs

Summing-up by Chairman

1700 hrs

End of Session

1800 hrs


Tuesday April 15

Session IV

Equipment manufacturers/Suppliers Forum


J.M. Makadho, AGRITEX, Zimbabwe

0900 hrs

Invited Speakers: C.R.S. Sundaram, India

F. Koegelenberg, South Africa

W, Zhou, China

1030 hrs


1045 hrs

Coffee Break

Other Speakers: L. Egan IDE


M. Fisher, Approtec

E. Perry, ATI

1200 hrs


1230 hrs

Lunch Break

Technical Tours

1330 hrs

Visit to the Irrigation Testing Centre and

Equipment manufacturers/Suppliers poster session

1800 hrs

Return to hotel

Wednesday April 16

Plenary session


H.W. Wolter, FAO, Rome

0830 hrs

The enabling environment for sustainable small-scale irrigation

development in East and Southern Africa

M. Rukuni, Zimbabwe


0900 hrs

Economics of Irrigation technology transfer

K. Palanisami, India

0930 hrs


1000 hrs

Introduction to Working Groups

1030 hrs to 1600 hrs


Working Group I: Low-cost technology for individual farmers or

small group of farmers

Chair: A. E. Daka, Zambia

Facilitators: A. Savva, FAO, R. Purcell and F. Gadalle, IPTRID

and C. P. Mzembe, Malawi

Resource Person: E. Perry, USA

Working Group II: Local manufacture, supply and technical

services and demonstration of irrigation technologies

Chair: R. Chitsiko, Zimbabwe

Introduction to the Working Groups

Coffee Break

Facilitators: Cornish, IPTRID and H. Wolter, FAO

Resource Person: M. de Lange, SA

Working Group III: Appropriate technologies for

water harvesting and soil moisture conservation

Chair: M. Tafesse, Ethiopia

Facilitators: A. Kandiah and R. Florin, FAO

Resource Person: R. K. Sivanappan, India

1600 to 1800 hrs

Meeting of the Core Members of the Working Groups

Drafting of recommendations of the Working Groups

2100 to 2400 hrs

Meeting of the Drafting Committee of the Workshop

Drafting recommendations the Workshop

17 April (Thursday)

Plenary Discussion on Recommendations of the Working Groups

Session V


R. Purcell, World Bank

0900 hrs

Presentation of recommendations of the Working Groups


1100 hrs

Coffee Break

Closing Session


J. Makadho, Director, AGRITEX

1115 hrs

Address by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of Zimbabwe

1200 hrs

Presentation of the recommendations of the Workshop R. Florin, Rapporteur of the Workshop

1400 hrs

Adoption of recommendations of the Workshop

1900 hrs

Closing of the Workshop

Field Visit: Visit to the Nydire 10, small-holder Irrigation Scheme

Return to Harare

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