Rome, 4-6 October 1999


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome, 1999

Table of Contents


Part I

Annotated Agenda and Timetable of the High-Level Consultation

Final Report of the High-Level Consultation

Strategy for Action

Part II

Summary Notes on Panel I

Summary Notes on Panel II


Annex A
Speeches from Opening and Closing Session

Inaugural address by the Director-General of FAO

Message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations

Key note address by Minister of Equal Opportunities of Italy

Key note address by the Chairperson of the International Steering Committee for the Economic Advancement of Rural Women

Closing speech by the Assistant Director-General of the Sustainable Development Department of FAO

Annex B
Panel I: Gender and equality in Policies and Planning: Nature and Scope

Introduction by Her Excellency Ms Margareta Winberg, Minister for Agriculture and for Equal Opportunities of Sweden

The Missing Workers: Women in the Rural Economies in LAC By Mayra Buvinic

The Generation and Use of Information on Women's Land Rights in the Design of Sustainable Agriculture Projects by Agnes R. Quisumbing

Rural Women and Information by Linda Reinhart

Situation des femmes rurales et des organisations populaires au Sahel: actions concètes en vue de la prise en compte de leur contribution au développement par les responsbles politiques et les planficateurs par Maurice Albarka

Women and the Rural Economy: with Special Reference to Egypt by Soraya Altorki

Food Security and Gender: Information Gaps and How to Plug Them by Johan Pottier

Panel II: Disemination of Gender Specific Information: Methodologies and Approaches

Introduction by Ms Angela E.V. King, Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women

Les vertus médiatiques de la confrontation par Bernard Cassen

Donner aux femmes rurales le goût de la radio
par Sophie K. LY

Rural Women's Work and Capabilties: Information for Gener-Responsive Development Policies by Govind Kelkar

Rural Women and Information in Uganda by Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng

El papel y las funciones de la información en
el desarrollo equipotencial de la Mujer por J. Manuel Calvelo Rios

Annex C

List of Speakers in General Debate

Annex D

List of Participants