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Chapter 8: Transfer to Tax Equalization Fund

808. The Tax Equalization Fund was established as of 1 January 1972.

809. In line with the practice followed since 1972-73, the 2002-03 budget is presented on a gross basis, by adding to the total effective working budget an appropriation for staff assessment.

810. This will have no effect on the contributions payable by Members not levying tax on FAO staff emoluments; their full share of the staff assessment appropriation is refunded, by deduction from the contributions payable by them.

811. Members which levy tax on FAO staff emoluments will have their shares of the appropriation for staff assessment reduced by the amount estimated to be required to meet claims from the FAO staff concerned for tax reimbursement.

812. The amount of US$ 96 039 000 provided for 2002-03 represents the difference between gross and net salary costs based, as far as professional staff and above are concerned, on the salary scales adopted by the UN General Assembly at its Fifty-fifth Session.

813. The application of credits arising from the Staff Assessment Plan against Members' assessments will be presented after the Conference has decided on the scale of contributions to be applied for 2002-03.

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