Global Forest Resources Assessment 2000

Table of Contents


The designations employed and the presentations of materials in this report does not imply the expression of any interest whatsoever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city, or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

Table of Contents





Executive summary

Part I: Global issues

Chapter 1. Forest area and area change
Chapter 2. Wood volume and woody biomass
Chapter 3. Forest plantations
Chapter 4. Trees outside the forest
Chapter 5. Biological diversity
Chapter 6. Forest management
Chapter 7. Forests in protected areas
Chapter 8. Fires
Chapter 9. Wood supply
Chapter 10. Non-wood forest products

Part II: Forest resources by region

Chapter 11. Africa
Chapter 12. Africa: ecological zones
Chapter 13. North Africa
Chapter 14. West Africa
Chapter 15. Central Africa
Chapter 16. East Africa
Chapter 17. Southern Africa
Chapter 18. Africa - small islands
Chapter 19. Asia
Chapter 20. Asia: ecological zones
Chapter 21. West Asia
Chapter 22. Central Asia
Chapter 23. South Asia
Chapter 24. Southeast Asia
Chapter 25. East Asia
Chapter 26. Europe
Chapter 27. Europe: ecological zones
Chapter 28. Northern Europe
Chapter 29. Central Europe
Chapter 30. Southern Europe
Chapter 31. Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine
Chapter 32. North and Central America and the Caribbean
Chapter 33. North and Central America: ecological zones
Chapter 34. North America, excluding Mexico
Chapter 35. Central America and Mexico
Chapter 36. Caribbean
Chapter 37. Oceania
Chapter 38. Oceania: ecological zones
Chapter 39. Australia and New Zealand
Chapter 40. Other Oceania
Chapter 41. South America
Chapter 42. South America: ecological zones
Chapter 43. Tropical South America
Chapter 44. Non-tropical South America

Part III: Processes and methodologies

Chapter 45. Framework for implementation and country participation
Chapter 46. Pan-tropical survey of forest cover changes 1980-2000
Chapter 47. Global mapping
Chapter 48. Forestry information system development

Part IV: Conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 49. Conclusions
Chapter 50. Process review of FRA 2000
Chapter 51. Recommendations for future assessments


Appendix 1. FRA 2000 contributors
Appendix 2. Terms and definitions
Appendix 3. Global tables

Table 1. Basic country data
Table 2. Forest cover - information status
Table 3. Forest cover 2000
Table 4. Change in forest cover 1990-2000
Table 5. Forest cover - latest national statistics
Table 6. Forest plantations 2000
Table 7. Volume and biomass in forest
Table 8. Forest fires 1990-2000
Table 9. Status and trends in forest management
Table 10. Removals
Table 11. Comparison of forest management areas
Table 12. Non-wood forest products - major product groups
Table 13. Endangered, endemic species for seven species groups
Table 14. Distribution of total forest area by ecological zone
Table 15. Forest in protected areas / available for wood supply
Table 16. FRA 2000 country interaction

Appendix 4. FRA 2000 publications
Appendix 5. Authors by chapter
Appendix 6. Earlier global assessments