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This guide on The design of land consolidation pilot projects in Central and Eastern Europe has been prepared to support land administrators in land agencies responsible for the technical design and implementation of land consolidation pilot projects in transition countries. Land consolidation can be an effective instrument in efforts aimed at making agriculture in the region more competitive and at promoting rural development. The success of integrated rural development projects will depend to a large extent on how they address the great number of small, fragmented farms that currently exist.

The guide provides advice on what countries can do to start a land consolidation pilot project. It shows why land consolidation should be considered within agricultural and rural development policies and programmes. It describes the essential elements of land consolidation and how it can be introduced in different situations. Carrying out a pilot project is an effective way to lay the foundation of a larger, long-term land consolidation programme. The guide identifies what rules are needed to govern responsibilities and procedures during the pilot, and describes activities that have to be carried out in order to start the project.

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