State of Forest and Tree Genetic Resources in Dry Zone Southern Africa Development Community Countries

Forestry Department
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Forest Genetic Resources Working Papers

Compiled by

B. I. Nyoka
Forest Research Centre
Harare, Zimbabwe

February 2003

Forest Resources Development Service
Forest Resources Division
Forestry Department

Working Paper FGR/41E
FAO, Rome, Italy

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Executive Summary

1. Background

2. The Socio-economic Situation of Individual SADC countries

3. The Forest and Trees Resources of East and Southern Africa

3.1 Exotic Forest Plantations
3.2 Woodland or Vegetation types of the SADC
3.3 Deforestation

4. Economic Contribution of the Forestry Sector

5. Land Tenure Systems in SADC countries

6. Uses of Forest Tree Species in some SADC countries

6.1 Trees in agroforestry systems
6.2 Trees for firewood
6.3 Trees used for food production
6.4 Non-wood Forest Products from Trees and Forests
6.5 Trees used for fodder
6.6 Trees used for poles
6.7 Trees for shade and shelter
6.8 Trees used for timber
6.9 Trees used for Medicinal purposes
6.10 Trees used for amenities and aesthetic purposes
6.11 Trees used for conservation/environmental protection (soil & water)

7. Threatened Forest Tree species

8. Evaluation, Selection and Breeding of Forest Tree Species

9. Management and Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources

9.1 In situ
9.2 Ex situ Conservation (field gene banks, seed gene banks)

10. Alien Invasive Tree species in SADC countries

11. Forest Tree Seed Demand and Supply in SADC countries

12. Priority Species for Conservation, Improvement and Seed Procurement

13. Legislation, Policy, Training, Institutional Framework and Cooperation

14. Issues Requiring Further Research

15. References

16. Abbreviations