New Approaches for the Improvement of Inland Capture Fishery Statistics in the Mekong Basin

RAP Publication 2003/01

Ad-hoc expert consultation
Charoen Sri Grand Royal Hotel
Udon Thani, Thailand
2 to 5 September 2002

Table of Contents

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Mekong River Commission
Government of Thailand
Government of the Netherlands

Table of Contents


Preparation of this Document

Notice of Copyright


Opening address
Report of the Meeting

Country Review

Improving Inland Capture Fishery Statistics in Cambodia
Inland Fisheries Statistics in China
Status of Inland Fisheries Statistics in Lao PDR
Inland Fisheries Information in Thailand
Inland Fisheries Statistics in Viet Nam

Thematic Papers

An Overview of Inland Capture Fishery Statistics of Southeast Asia
Women as a Source of Information on Inland Fisheries
Gender Issues in Small Scale Inland Fisheries in Asia: Women as an important source of information
Data Requirements for Inland Fisheries Management
Data Requirements for Fisheries Management in the Tonle Sap
Consumption in the Lower Mekong Basin as a Measure of Fish Yield
Reservoir Fisheries Information: From Statistics to Management
Geographic Information Systems and Inland Fisheries Management

Case Studies

Agriculture Census: A new prospect for inland fishery information
Improving Fisheries Catch Statistics in Lake Victoria
New Approaches to Inland Capture Fisheries Statistics In Sri Lanka


1. Agenda
2. Statement on SEAFDEC initiatives
3. Chronology of important events on fishery
4. List of Participants