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Terms of Reference

Authors contract for Norman Messer
Literature review on
“The role of local institutions and their interaction in disaster risk mitigation".

In close consultation with the Task Group of the Rural Institutions and Participation Service coordinating the above study the author will prepare a “State-of-the-art"- literature/Internet review on “The role of local institutions and their interaction in disaster risk mitigation". Special attention will be given to identify and analyse community based self-help approaches and local government initiatives and their role in disaster risk mitigation, focussing on disaster prevention and preparedness and the question how disaster mitigation can be sucsessfully integrated into long-term rural development startegies. The paper will present selected success stories, and failures if analysed, from South East Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Near East and will analyse the mechanisms and conditions which made cases sucessful. Some selected case studies will be presented as “case stories” outlining in a contextualized way how local communities and/or local governments organized themselves and acted before, during and after emergency situations (describing what happened? who did what how and why? what went well what went wrong?). The paper will consolidate major lessons learned and propose more widely applicable policy recommendations.

The paper will also elaborate a synthesis of case studies and reports available in the literature and the Internet and extract lessons learned about how

in order to better contribute to reducing the vulnerability of rural communities and households.

Duty station: Singapur
Duration of contract: starting 1 December for 35 days
Reference document: The concept note prepared by SDAR on the above topic

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