CBPP control: antibiotics to the rescue?

CBPP control:
antibiotics to the rescue?


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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome 2007


The theme of the Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) Consultative Meeting is “Control of CBPP: antibiotics to the rescue?” Whilst this theme may appear provocative, it is apparent that a vigorous scientific debate and research are needed in answering some of the questions frequently asked on the therapeutic efficacy of antibiotics in managing CBPP disease. Antibiotic use in attempts to control CBPP is a fact of life especially in pastoral settings, contrary to official policy. It is for these reasons that the consultative meeting was held, in an attempt to provide the relevant platform for interactions on the use or none use of antibiotics in CBPP disease management within the context of available technical information on this subject matter.

Table of Contents

Welcome address

Opening Address

Principal objectives of the consultation and expected outputs

The use of antibiotics for CBPP control: the challenges

Summary of Recommendations

Summaries of presentations and discussions


Individual presentations

1. Effect of antibiotic therapy on the pathogenesis of CBPP
2. Effect of Advocin on the elimination of CBPP from the Caprivi region of Namibia
3. Mathematical modelling of CBPP transmission, control methods and the potential impact of antibiotics
4. Comparative studies on the in vitro antimicrobial sensitivities of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides SC type and Mycoplasma bovis
5. Fine differentiation of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides SC strains by multilocus sequence typing
6. Preparation of heat-tolerant CBPP vaccine
7. Development and validation of new technologies for control of CBPP in east Africa
8. The effect of Cyclosporin A (CsA) on CBPP development
9. Control of CBPP in Africa
10. The evolution of CBPP in southern Africa: 2004–2006
11. The current situation of CBPP in Zambia
12. Control of CBPP in Tanzania
13. Africa Livestock (ALive) CBPP Research Programme
14. CBPP research in Portugal



Closing remarks
List of participants

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