Forest Resources Assessment Working Paper 145

Proceedings of the technical meeting of the national correspondents
global forest resources assessment 2010

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Objectives of the meeting

Key outcomes

Summary report


Annex 1: Meeting agenda (Download - 186 KB)
Annex 2: List of participants (Download - 94 KB)
Annex 3: Plenary presentations and statements (Monday 3 March) (Download - 135 KB)
Annex 4: Plenary presentations (Tuesday 4 March) (Download - 375 KB)
Annex 6: Plenary presentations (Thursday 6 March) (Download - 785 KB)
Annex 7: Plenary presentations (Friday 7 March) (Download - 548 KB)
Annex 8: Working group reports (Download - 335 KB)
Annex 9: FRA 2010 remote sensing survey task force report (Download - 1 MB)