1.1 Subject Matter
1.2 Aim and Purpose
1.3 Sources of Information
1.4 Related Mterial

1.1 Subject Matter

This document is one of a series providing engineering and other data to facilitate the planning of fish processing and handling operations. It is specifically concerned with the freezing and cold storage of fishery products and it deals mainly with operations and products which are currently widely used and produced. Much of the information, however, can be interpreted or modified to apply to other related applications.

1.2 Aim and Purpose

The document is intended to meet the direct needs of industry and also governments and other official agencies likely to be involved in the planning of freezing and cold-storage installations.

It is hoped that the document will be of particular benefit to developing countries, but since it is intended to be used under widely different conditions it should always be used with caution.

Unqualified information can often do more harm than good, therefore, a clear understanding of the relevant conditions that apply to each situation are essential for detailed planning. Since it is not possible to cover all eventualities, the document can therefore be no more than a guide to good planning.

1.3 Sources of Information

The information in this document is obtained from a number of sources.

Much of it is based on the experience of the authors and their colleagues at the UK's Torry Research Station. Publications of FAO, the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have also been a valuable source of information and extensive use has been made of manufacturers catalogues. Another source has been through direct enquiry to manufacturers, contractors and processors, too many to name individually, but their help was greatly appreciated and is acknowledged.

All costs are based on UK prices for the period 1983-84 and conversion to US dollars was made at the then-current exchange rate of US$ 1.5 = 1.

1.4 Related Material

The other FAO documents in this series are:

1. Planning and Engineering Data 1- Fresh Fish Handling, FAO Fish.Circ.735;
2. Planning and Engineering Data 2- Fish Canning, under preparation;
3. Planning and Engineering Data 4- Containers for Fish Handling, under preparation;
4. Planning and Engineering Data 5- Packages and packaging material for fish products, under preparation.

FAO and other selective documents, which expand on many of the points made in this document and also give other additional, relevant information, are listed in the Literature Consulted on Page 125.